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#DnD5e Spells: Ice Knife
#DnD5e Spells: Catapult
#DnD5e Spells: Dragon's Breath
I'm telling you all, 9/11 is a breeding ground for idiotic arguments. The only thing worthwhile to argue over is that the government used it as an excuse to wage unjust war, foreign and domestic
#DnD5e Magic Items: Dark Shard Amulet
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Good morning Memo fans :) Good Morning ⛏ CCO, Im eager to say that an official logo is under works, and I should have a few samples for you to preview in the next couple of weeks or so
Why #DASH is 12x faster than #BTC & 24x faster than #BCH on Coinbase, even without activating Instantsend yet?
9/11 basically removed all the breaks restricting the surveillance state.
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Thinking about getting another pet... Maybe I'll call him... SPIKE!!!!! 🤔🤣
A few days ago I gave my smartphone with DuoLingo to a kid, now he is returning every day to study English. Just him & the machine, I didn't "teach" him anything. I bet in one month we are having small talk #Venezuela
Teaching/leading is a concept that mostly serves the ego of the teacher/leader and that creates hierarchy as we can only truly learn/grow by experimenting, observation & curiosity #philosophy #freedom #anarchy
Humans which believe that books are teaching anything are already caught in a loop of obedience #rogerkver in that case of promoting his economic worldview is enslaved to make fast money over creating sustainable life
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A litteral Shit-token... We've come full circle...
What was your most worst decision in cryptocurrency?

I paid 25 BTC to be a lifetime member of the Bitcoin Foundation ~7 years.
Silver up 5% in a day lol and still charging forwards fast, ready to break a 3yr $ high and smash through $20 anytime.
Did someone just do an airdrop, i got a BCH boost in past hour lol
Not only is BCH & SLP putting btc to shame with its awesome innovation in user friendly is putting multi billion $ social media sites to shame with its unparalleled combo of crypto and social media.
Can we get Eat BCH involved in the hurrican Dorian emergency relief effort? It's a great chance to help those in need and show the value #BCH ... News link below
Hopefully Memo adds the Dividend tool here soon. ...the number of Airdrops would shoot up bigtime.
One stop SLP shop @ 😁
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Yes, for SMOK's coin there was a 0.05 BCH dividend distribution.
introducing the 💩 token! quite possibly the world's oldest currency – universally understood by all primates (
Hi guys, I'm a new user, I'm part of the dwi group, and sent me ocher, happy to be part of this group