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* Seek first to understand, and then to be understood.
* If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire.
* If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.


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Simon Van Gelder
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Love. Connection. Experience.
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We will have to eat... so, perhaps agriculture won't be hit that hard.
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Other possibility is that many investors were leveraged, and they were liquidated when it went down.
Even 2x leverage would mean wipe-out when it dropped 50%.
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Can't hurt to send an email asking them. Supermarkets around my city are hiring cashiers.
replied 73d
How are tourism agencies going to survive? Barbershops? Buses? Old people who might get infected going to the supermarket and die 50%?

Doesn't the beggar have unemployment benefits?
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If it is a hoax, many governments are in on it, and none are calling it out. How do you explain?
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Oh, the talk was about Spice. Haven't heard of it.

The value I understand it gives is advertising on their platform. But it does the same as Memo, which uses more fungible cash (BCH).
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It can be seen in two ways: "catching a falling knife", or "buy when there's blood on the streets". I''m on the second camp, I think national currencies are being devalued by printing.
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Selling pandemic insurance makes you pay when a pandemic happens? Who would have thought???
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Supermarkets and pharmacies might be wanting extra drivers to carry supplies so they keep up with the demand
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Also Chelsea Manning, who exposed the collateral murder during US wars.
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Democracy doesn't work. Stop making people vote on how to use other people's money.
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How frequently? I usually wait 5-10 minutes for a bus to the train station.
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In addition, isn't crypto supposed to free people from the confiscatory tyranny of the majority?
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It's not very nice to spring up opt-out taxation on miners. If a lot of them stop mining and switch to a different chain (or even coin), BCH will become less secure.
Stop using money engineered to lose value. Use money that protects its value, and that enables free speech!
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Does "artificial" mean "made by humans"? If so, we are all AIs.
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I have noticed it is concise and that not many bugs make it into Github repos. Do you still use it? I am planning to learn it.
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Well, sharing this reminded me of Assange, and I will pass it forward to lots of people soon.
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I want people to know about this. Nobody should undergo such treatment. What the state is doing, both to Assange and to innocent bystanders in wars, is unacceptable.
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Personally, I would use Memo more if it had long posts (perhaps made up of multi-transactions). I hat3 having to constrain or split a complicated point of view by a limited number of c
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An employee with all their limbs is fitter, happier, more productive!
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What would happen to journalism? Wouldn't it die? Movies? Music? At least they'd have a very different form, perhaps like Memo.
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I'm afraid you won't have a challenger!