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* Seek first to understand, and then to be understood.
* If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire.
* If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.


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Stop using money engineered to lose value. Use money that protects its value, and that enables free speech!
Want to #learn to #code or to sharpen your skills? Use Exercism, a free-software site, with a network of volunteer mentors. Or become a mentor yourself, and review others' code!
Eat 20 grams (0.7 oz) of beans today to decrease your risk of death by 8% today.

#beans #plant-based-diet #nutritionfacts
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Do you live in Venezuela? If so, I would appreciate you going to a graveyard in a city and checking out the life expectancy, based on the age of death on the 10-20 freshest graves.
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And permanent
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I hope you guys know this is public
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I enjoy your speech. Keep exercising it!
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Everything honky dory
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Very funny avatar!
France deploys soldiers against protesters

Why do I choose Memo? Because Reddit, Voat, and many other sites disallow "necro posting"; though this is essential for long-term, serious, societal debates.

Mycroft - a company offering open-source AI products. Take back control from giant AI companies!
Don't let anyone control your life!

Check out Mycroft, an open-source AI assistant:
Saudi Arabia released a women's rights advocate, after holding her for almost a year pending trial.
China is one of the worst countries when it comes to press freedom.

But it can get worse: it's teaching others, all expenses paid.
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How is this different from IOTA and their "tangle"?
Why would I trust your cryptography?
Also, the "neural network" part looks like an empty metaphor. Your goal/vision is too vague.
Low Head Dams create a water vortex which traps swimmers. More people have died like this than from dam breakages.
Is the YouTube search filter working for you guys?

I can't sort nor filter anyhow. A workaround for a time filter is to use Google search with "" and click "Tools" -> "Any time".
Google Stadia: A new way to enforce DRM. Don't buy it!
How do I get Memo++, or some other way to mute people? The old extensions are gone.
I am sick of smartphones.

On top of the fact that you have no control over the software (tracking everything you do), they break after 2 years. Time to vote with my wallet and buy dumbphones from now on.
Check out [Augur]( - a decentralized prediction market. You can, say, hedge your crypto assets by betting they will fall.
Fun fact: if you generate a list of numbers, say from 0000000000 to 9999999999, then you have to treat them as personal data: some are phone numbers of persons. You need consent to publish them, according to the GDPR.