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* Seek first to understand, and then to be understood.
* If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire.
* If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.


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Better UI, a more straight forward and easy way to post pictures and more marketing. I also see token marketplace as something that can be leveraged more in the future....
· 26d
The same person who caused Bitcoin's civil war by censoring the major discussion platforms is now busy deleting Bitcoin's history too.
My very first cartoon
Today I went to get my clothes washed and I paid with #DASHTEXT You can find that place near to Plaza Simon Bolivar! The best neighborhood to spend your #DASH is Boulevar Panteon, north of Plaza Simon Bolivar!
BCH, BTC and LTC transactions last 4 months:

replied · 27d
Alternative clients and implementations would be great tho - the protocol is open, the platform isn't
· 27d
I'm starting to think might be the most interesting thing in all of crypto right now. I'm glad I'm here. #dailymemo
Check this out, pretty dam cool:

#dapps #ethereum #bitcoin #crypto #cryptocurrency
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Life is straightforward and less complicated when you keep your eyes on the ball!
It is totally misleading to call this a "zero energy" or even "zero emissions" vehicle. In some setups, an e-vehicle in practice contribute more emissions than other vehicles
Text messaging practiced consciously is a powerful tool as it does not allow entering into a conflict as easy as an argument face to face. This way we can disarm the #ego which feeds itself with #hate & #anger
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And boost your farts to the next level :)
Bitcoin Cash Has a Special Place with Hong Kong Protesters
says 157 functional .cash websites
(about 14000 zombies and squatters)
maybe we need a memo topic for this....
AirBnB is down on its knees groveling to be hacked
to give your financial+passport+travel-history+relationship-info
to people who make squillions off selling this:
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I had solar panels on the roof, enough electricity for a refrigerator and sound system. 750w which o took from the roof of my house when I moved out.
· 40d
Working through my 2nd draft. Plan is to finish 2nd draft by the end of September, then a 3rd draft a couple of months after that. Then hopefully it'll be ready for a few people to read. #dailymemo
Bitcoin Cash is the real son of a bit. #dailymemo
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I started this back in April and I said I'd keep it up for a year. I can get OCD about some things, and I guess this is one of those things.
You can now pay parking meters in Caracas and they solve a real world pain point: