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* Seek first to understand, and then to be understood.
* If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire.
* If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.


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Democracy doesn't work. Stop making people vote on how to use other people's money.
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How frequently? I usually wait 5-10 minutes for a bus to the train station.
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In addition, isn't crypto supposed to free people from the confiscatory tyranny of the majority?
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It's not very nice to spring up opt-out taxation on miners. If a lot of them stop mining and switch to a different chain (or even coin), BCH will become less secure.
Unusual Uther
Merry Christmas everyone, I love all of you!!
Stop using money engineered to lose value. Use money that protects its value, and that enables free speech!
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Does "artificial" mean "made by humans"? If so, we are all AIs.
My raspberry pi just caught on fire WTF?!
724d · Which programming language should I use to write a bitcoin node?
don't waste time on writing a node; use flowee or bitbox or something to build a service on top of BCH, something civilians can enjoy
Clojure is a powerful programming language.
Jimmy Song (Surrogate)
373d If you want to learn bitcoin and know some clojure, here's a port of my book's code:

Thanks @mark_engelberg!
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I have noticed it is concise and that not many bugs make it into Github repos. Do you still use it? I am planning to learn it.
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Well, sharing this reminded me of Assange, and I will pass it forward to lots of people soon.
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be careful not to hurt your body due to the immense amount of effort you're making.
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I want people to know about this. Nobody should undergo such treatment. What the state is doing, both to Assange and to innocent bystanders in wars, is unacceptable.
*INTERVIEW* Julian Assange's Father: John Shipton
#julianassange #wikileaks #kenfm
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Personally, I would use Memo more if it had long posts (perhaps made up of multi-transactions). I hat3 having to constrain or split a complicated point of view by a limited number of c
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Socialism in Britain caused the death of a region in the past:
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An employee with all their limbs is fitter, happier, more productive!
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