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* If wealth was the inevitable result of hard work and enterprise, every woman in Africa would be a millionaire.
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replied 1167d
That's because crypto also goes from user to user. We should hear out epidemiologists when evaluating coins.
Simon Van Gelder
1274d · COVID-19
DIY PPE/Isolation Tent?
replied 1273d
Simon Van Gelder
Maybe if we still used silver as money the death toll would be lower than thirty four thousand. Silver has anti bacterial properties.
Peace. Health. Prosperity.
replied 1278d
Love. Connection. Experience.
replied 1278d
We will have to eat... so, perhaps agriculture won't be hit that hard.
replied 1278d
I know several small businesses that have already laid off their entire workforce, some of them will probably remain shuttered forever. It's going to be a doozy
replied 1281d
Other possibility is that many investors were leveraged, and they were liquidated when it went down.
Even 2x leverage would mean wipe-out when it dropped 50%.
replied 1281d
Cheap crypto once again
replied 1281d
Can't hurt to send an email asking them. Supermarkets around my city are hiring cashiers.
replied 1288d
I love me some good snake oil
replied 1287d
Sounds like a remedy for hangovers caused by one too many a Corona.
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replied 1286d
How are tourism agencies going to survive? Barbershops? Buses? Old people who might get infected going to the supermarket and die 50%?

Doesn't the beggar have unemployment benefits?
replied 1286d
If it is a hoax, many governments are in on it, and none are calling it out. How do you explain?
replied 1286d
Oh, the talk was about Spice. Haven't heard of it.

The value I understand it gives is advertising on their platform. But it does the same as Memo, which uses more fungible cash (BCH).
I am avoiding leaving the house as much as possible, I am not at risk, but I can take the risk to other people, too bad many young people do not think so
replied 1286d
It can be seen in two ways: "catching a falling knife", or "buy when there's blood on the streets". I''m on the second camp, I think national currencies are being devalued by printing.
replied 1286d
Look at this tip, I'm jealous
replied 1286d
Selling pandemic insurance makes you pay when a pandemic happens? Who would have thought???
I am forced to separated with my wife for 1.5 month, i am in Hong Kong and she is in Shenzhen China, and she sent me her lunch today...really want to meet my wife...

replied 1286d
Supermarkets and pharmacies might be wanting extra drivers to carry supplies so they keep up with the demand
replied 1327d
Also Chelsea Manning, who exposed the collateral murder during US wars.
Just a reminder. Julian Assange is still rotting in prison for creating a platform to expose the truth.