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It is only a truncated portion. Don't waste your time.
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Permissionless means anyone can use the system. If you mess with the economic protocol you aren't changing Bitcoin, you are creating a shitcoin.
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I prefer to speak through actions. Building, transacting, hashing, accumulating.
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Recovering stale coins is FUD. He means that decades from now, Moore's law will eventually make it financially feasible to brute force "mine" keys encrypted with current algorithms.
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I am whatever the situation calls for
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All of mine went through despite no notifications from the bot. You can follow your tip transactions with a blockchain explorer to be sure.
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Testing BCH
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What we need is better and more tools for next time. can't handle the volume and txblaster is also choked up.
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Just completed a 5M satoshi test run. 20x that coming tomorrow.
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Here we fucking go!
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Not a bot, just running up the transaction count for giggles.
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@Memo There seems to be a hard limit of 25 unconfirmed actions, could you please lift it?
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England - 1.5 goals (2.20x)
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Vamos, vamos!
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100,000 active users next!