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I appreciate it. Look, we had to choose, we don't have any bad blood against our brothers of BCH. I wish we didn't have to split but it happened and we chose what was best for HandCash
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You are missing the point.

HandCash handles are just an ID for Cashport. P2P is a very small side feature of them. P2P is a small niche. B2B is where the money is.
Or you can just return to BSV ;)
New blog post about how on-chain identity and reputation might look in the future.
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My talk about Memo from CoinGeek Week in November.

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Lovesong for Satoshi Nakamoto Whitepaper

My music video from 2015 just hit 100k views :) Thank you so much everyone for watching!!

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Welcome to Memo!
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Welcome to Memo!
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this memo aged well
it hurts to read that fact
i'm antisplit on here but think SV is the way forward!
just watched your presentation tonight, thanks a lot!
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You can send to any address using this form (link in user menu):
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Playing Missile Command off of SV bkockchain
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You just gave me purpose. I might keep them now. 🤪
Just when I thought they are not going to do it