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Yesterday 298341-297890=451 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉12.4%|abc(298328,451,📉12.4%),sv(297269-296880,389,📉16.3%)
I’m glad I have my fortune in BSV. I’m Satoshi plan maximalist
BSV up 13% to 100; ABC down whopping 18% to new low $114.
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Thank you for explaining! Then I think I will try to speak your language too, on my next action…
Love my shortened name 😊
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Same here. I don't want to touch BABcoin anymore. Bitcoin (SV) is where it's at.
Besides #handcash and some @cointext old coins, that's how many Sechet coins I have: EGG
CSW didn't attack BCH, Roger and Jihan did by forking away from the white paper, and removing nakamoto consensus.
If it wasn't for them BCH would be over $1000 right now.
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Capitalist AND workers are profiting. Nobody steals from anyone but the wealth from both partys is increasing while they work together.

you are making the zero-sum game mistake!
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Yesterday 297890-297375=515 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈20.3%|abc(297877,515,📈20.3%),sv(296880,465,📈31.7%)
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I prefer to speak through actions. Building, transacting, hashing, accumulating.
The ones included in Bitcoin 0.1 which blockstream removed.
You must be new to this.
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Hashwar will last for a year or two. Nobody yet won nor lost anything. There will be one bitcoin in the end. BABs roadmap is a dead end anyway.
Check points , Wormhole, dsv, CToR, PoS, it a BABel Coin all confused...
Wormhole, DVS illegalities, PoS ...when the left bitcoin they lost the war . Check Mate
Adding op codes no body asked for and that are not in the white paper.
Adding pre consensus. (Avalanche)
Adding Checkpoints.
Not if but when..
Socialists are the most envy people. they cannot cope with the wealth of others. Instead of improving their life, they want to debase their richer neighbours life
Here is a graph showing the leadership skills of Roger and Jihan from the day Bitcoin Cash forked.
Post fork, even though ABC “won” markets have been brutal to BCH price and rewarded BSV with a massive rebound
I’ve never heard a Core supporter say they want massive blocks sizes and brag about breaking transactions records such as 1500 transactions per second
If Lightrider and Sam like ABC its safe to say... go ALL IN on SV! lolol. MAGA!
Markets don’t like the changes amaury is doing. Abc price got absolutely crushed post fork even though ABC “won” the ticker. That should be a huge red flag