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Just when I thought they are not going to do it
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We are planning to add a faucet that instead of paying out immediately, pays for individual transactions as needed. This should prevent wasted funding.
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Memo android app is very cool. Since it's here I use memo way more. Great job Jason!!
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Miners mine what is profitable. They care not to suck a chain dry on the short term. But their investments are aligned with long term sustainability of the network.
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You have to enable "big memos" in settings.
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The best solution is to not take place in fights. Fighting with strangers over Internet solves nothing.
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Welcome to Memo!
Happy Chinese New Year :)
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I’m declaring BSV #1. I can’t even text a decent size message because ABC is still locked at 200 characters. BSV is 65,000. What a shit Bitcoin BTC and BCH are
Mining pool “Poolin” seem like a big one and only mines BTC and BSV. Very interesting
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Talk I gave about Memo a few days ago
This is resolved now and should not be an issue anymore. Thank you for reporting!
He's been successfully undoing his good work for the past 2 months now.
Please ignore me. I have no will to have 100 subjects at the same time in the conversation and constantly adding new ones, so you can pretend you know what you are talking about.
I actually find the idea of a frozen protocol a good one; I believe that this philosophy is required to protect Bitcoin from corruption by subverters & dupes.
you use that hashtag like something damning; i actually like the dude, he seems honest #CultOfCraig💋