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posted · 1 day ago
Above 300k Memo actions reached!
ABC attacked BCH by introducing changes that the vast majority of BCH hash opposed. Then they brought it mercenary hash to push these through. Pretty clear ABC was the attacker.
Disagree. I'm a BSV supporter, and I want to see if Bitcoin 0.1 can scale. We've tried literally everything else, but not the original protocol.
Yesterday 299821-299345=476 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈10.2%|abc(299810-299334=476,📈10.2%),sv(298803-298062=741,📈112.9%)|Seems sth wrong with sv site.
For those that say BSV is a pump and dump, yes, but that was only me buying a shitload daily 😉🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀‬
Yesterday 299345-298913=432 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉24.5%|abc(299334-298902=432,📉24.7%),sv(298062-297714=348,📉21.8%)
BSV up against Jihan/Roger/Haipo/Jiang/Coinbase/Kraken/Reddit and still plowed through. That’s power!
Nobody wants savepointed spreadsheets. They thought conspiring with exchanges will bring them value. ABC failed. Rogers suckpuppet army on r/btc has no economic value either.
ABC & Ver & Jihan & exchanges conspiring to quickly pounce on the BCH-ticker were the bank-of-england
28k BCH can be mined in 2240 blocks. In average there would be 144 blocks per day. SV party takes about 50% of BCH hashpower before the split. So they only sold a month of mined BCH
‪It's official. BSV market cap exceeds ABC!!! We did it!!! Fight for Bitcoin and you shall be rewarded!‬
Now we just need to flip BTC :)
You realize BSV broke BCH transaction record by DOUBLE right?
FIX:main site(298913,572,📈26.8%), abc(298902,574,📈27.3%). It seems there are 2 txs lost on main site today. @memo
The Fivebucks BSV transition is complete.

- 0-conf payments are much faster (thanks to MB)
- All user balances were converted to BSV
- Withdrawals are active
Yesterday 298913-298341=572 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈26.8%|abc(298900,572,📈26.8%),sv(297714,445,📈14.4%)
Flippening Bitch!
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· 4 days ago
Meh.. this ticker is so tainted right now, someone might be soon begging to get rid of it.
New ABC low today. Don’t go down with the Amaury experimentation coin.
ABC down -10% $125; BSV up +4% $90. Markets love Satoshis plan
If you misunderstood or don’t get it, follow the massive movement in money, my money 😉
CSW also follows Satoshi
I’m Satoshi maximalist. I follow the genius and visionary.
posted · 5 days ago in memo
Memo Chain Comparison Dashboards (Timelines) On main site (green): 1st, 7th, and 9th memo using unsplit coins. 2nd-6th and 8th using ABC, thus not on SV. 👍 #hashwar #memo