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Lots learned from first day of token exchange. Many updates planned!
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Memo now supports exchanging tokens!
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Great, now, because no blocking I get these morons in my timeline:
Jimmy Song
Samsung Mow
Adam Back

What a wasteland!
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New customizable activity feed: You can configure the activity feed using the dropdown on top.

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Tokens are now supported on Memo SV as well
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I have a feeling the trolls will still be in this thread bashing BSV even after BTC and BCH are dead and buried and BSV is the only crypto around. Sad. Hey trolls... check that price boost!
What kind of stone cold losers sit in a Bitcoin SV thread hating on BSV all day?
its good to have someone in this industry that talks truth to you not lies!
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Frankly, I saved a lot of money due to similar CSW warnings last year.