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For our friends in Mexico, Bitso resumed trading BCH a couple of days back, naturally on the ABC chain; no word yet on whether they'll add BSV later or if at all.
Memo is for more than just BCH/BSV flamewars. Videogames. Thought I'd let people know that you can buy PSN PLUS 1-year digital codes through amazon today on black friday.
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A succint summary of events leading up to the fork: https://medium.com/altcoin-magazine/but-what-about-the-warlords-something-amazing-just-happened-on-bitcoin-cash-be4143fc8e55 Follow the links, think for yourself
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Yes the Q people strike me as the "any minute now.." kind of crowd. It was kind of a bummer when the POTUS' IMMEDIATE ORDER to declassify did... absolutely nothing. I had my popcorn ready
· 195d · QAnon
So whatever became of the FISA declassification thing? the q hordes were in a frenzy about it and now there's neither documents nor any kind of peep about it. Kinda reflects on the whole Q deal...
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So how does one go about getting an invitation code to yours.org ?
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Somebody go place a bet on the playbch thing, it only has my bet in it; would be lame to "win" like that. Pretty please :)
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Just created a memo.cash address and moved over some satoshis. Let's change the world. As long as BCH or its future forks still exist, the bytes that make up this message will be stored somewhere for me to see in 2048