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Any time you encourage people to use memo make sure you direct the racists magats qtards morons and flattards to the memo.sv site. We don't want them on the real memo site.
replied · 201d
Cheap Trick - Mighty Wings
replied · 201d
Yes, I've also noticed how the anti-hate fighters are a little too trigger-happy on censoring whatever they don't like.
replied · 201d
It depends, will you use it for actual non-exchange transactions or are you only planning on holding on to it?
replied · 217d
Americans are too dumb to do anything other than like it on Facebook. I've been to Obamacare and child detention protests that were pathetically lazy, people here are basically cattle
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Coming soon...
LN hub owner gives up:
Funds have to be online/hot. Introduces counterparty compared to hardware/paper wallet
Funds are locked in channels. If the other side of the channel is unreachable, you need to wait up to weeks
replied · 241d
Yet this shitcoin has you running scared 24/7. Also, "centralized checkpoints"? heh at least try to get your slurs right. Or please elaborate on how checkpoints are "centralized".
replied · 241d
Do you understand the intent of the Avalanche-like tech being proposed for BCH?
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replied · 247d
You are using it wrong, Intellectual refers to facts, reasoning and critical thinking. Used properly would be "It is intellectually dishonest to suggest Craig Wright is Satoshi"
replied · 250d
Avalanche is just a basic consensus algorithm.

Ava coin is a PoS crypto employing the consensus algorithm.
replied · 250d
There's no need to "justify" against all the silly narratives you guys come up with. The BCH roadmap is open and discussion encouraged for the people that are genuinely interested
replied · 250d
"people bolted to BSV" hahahahaha. Thanks, I needed the laugh. Switch BSV to the start of the tweet and BCH to the end and then it would be closer to reality, you cuckoo
Another twist: paypal the crux of censorship
replied · 252d
Let us know how that works out for you. Just try and be competent about setting it up, lest someone adjusts their node to replay Txs into SV and you choke on your own attack
replied · 254d
🤖 1 BCH = 102.61$ 📉 -3.49%
Tips = fuel️
replied · 254d
Who's getting the money and how? How can I make sure this is legit?
· 255d
Hey everyone, greatings to everyone, this is my first day and time on memo. Glad to here
An easily abused term given a proper explanation:
A term easily misused by spiritualists:
replied · 257d
No one's out to get you, BHoarder, chill out. Ever heard of the psychological Inferiority Complex?
replied · 259d
Hold on, let me just reorganise...
replied · 258d
Wrap your head around what "permissioned development", "government friendly" and "miner ID" entail. Then read the whitepaper again, the "trust" parts. It should click at some point
replied · 258d
Still salty that we preempted your (SV cabal) incompetent attack, I see.