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🤖 1 BCH = 102.61$ 📉 -3.49%
Tips = fuel️
Who's getting the money and how? How can I make sure this is legit?
posted · 1 day ago
Hey everyone, greatings to everyone, this is my first day and time on memo. Glad to here
An easily abused term given a proper explanation:
A term easily misused by spiritualists:
No one's out to get you, BHoarder, chill out. Ever heard of the psychological Inferiority Complex?
Hold on, let me just reorganise...
Wrap your head around what "permissioned development", "government friendly" and "miner ID" entail. Then read the whitepaper again, the "trust" parts. It should click at some point
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· 4 days ago
Still salty that we preempted your (SV cabal) incompetent attack, I see.
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· 4 days ago
Who are you talking to? Godspeed on your "serious" business. But that has nothing to do with the fact that BSV is the polar opposite of what most people understand Satoshi intended
The last straw for SV
Gotta love how in very 1984 fashion they label themselves as the actual complete opposite of what they intend. "Satoshi's Vision" really is "Satoshi's Nightmare", look right here
Yeah no surprise that you didn't get the reference. And no, "they" cannot rollback anything, please point to an occurrence, we'll all be here waiting patiently.
Nonconsensual psychiatry should be outlawed. 🌴🌞
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· 6 days ago
Yep, I sold in the other direction, which increased my BCH holdings by around 30%. May each side have a long and prosperous chain
User name checks out.
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· 6 days ago
Just so we are clear, r/bitcoin trolls are raiding r/btc to spread their usual FUD, but the community there is used to it and you can still have meaningful, uncensored, discussions
It is an uncensorable peer-to-peer version of electronic cash that allows online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a trusted third party.
"Coingeek is trying to hype the SV price for their fake "scaling Bitcoin conference" this week. I'm fairly impressed with the amount of absolutely 100% false information they've been able to assemble into a grand
It is the better code proposals that make me support ABC. CTOR and Graphene will make it easier to scale to be a global blockchain. SV has no real proposal for scaling.
Checking this out and posting my first message. Reminds me of my first tweet 8 years ago!
posted · 16 days ago in memo
How Memo is handling the BCH fork: https://memo.cash/bch-fork
C'mon man, taking it too far. You've got to know that spouting crazy talk like this just makes it plainly obvious this is not your personal opinion, just what they pay you to say
The SV vs ABC is so small minded. It's going to ruin any ground gained by BCH over the last year. What a shame. Oh well. There are others.
I'll play your "concern" game: as of now, BSV hash is twice that of BCH, but price is around 1/3 ($60 vs $180). BSV Miners may want to consider how good it is to be 600% worse off