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The Bitpico tweet is weird: So why would they announce an attack before actually doing it? Causing FUD maybe? Anyway we welcome such attack as it's good to see how BCH would handle!
Totally agreed. It is more important for the stress test to prove 0-conf is working as expected!
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他说过 After Nov,可以的!
What do you guys think about ChainBet? We really need a protocol for onchain betting so it looks like a good approach :)
ChainBet is a proposed Bitcoin Cash protocol to enable on-chain betting, but it looks like a bit too complicated. Wish memo could have built-in feature for this.
Memo is awesome, but for newbies they don't have BCH yet and cant use Memo. It is better to have some official faucets so they can jump on board and start using directly
What do you guys think about lowering the fees? Do you feel it expensive to post on now?
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Welcome to the free world. Sending message isn't free here though :)
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Looking forward to the soon coming upgrade!
Every like+reply gets 10000 satoshi
If u think Bitcoin mining consumes too much energy, increase the block size!
Ask not what BCH can do for you, ask what you can do for BCH!
We should invite more newbies here
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100,000 satoshi tip from bitcoin faucet.
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Giving away 10 BCH to 30 people!(0.33 pp)Like and Reply! cheers
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Let's spread the fun
It doesn't matter whether BCH is Bitcoin, it matters more that Bitcoin is BCH
0.2 Free BCH for 5 lucky people who Like and reply! 1 BCH total giveaway 😄
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Giving away 1 bch to a lucky winner! Like and reply with your bch address.
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Pump the tx up!
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Just love it
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