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Tenqido is an art. Tenqido is a religion that is not a religion. Learn about Tenqido at https://tenqido.org

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Michael Ten II https://www.youtube.com/APerfectUniverse

Michael Ten founded Tenqido.
Do you have infinite patience? Infinite Patience! http://smarturl.it/InfinitePatience
bless this universe. with tenqido.
Tenqido is a ally Arbaro. Arbaro... https://arbaro.fun #ArbaraKultivado #ForestCultivation
Infinite patience is a component of Tenqido...

Listen to Infinite Patience!? http://smarturl.it/InfinitePatience
Tenqido is .... #art?! https://linktr.ee/tenqido
Tenqido is an ideal from Michael Ten. https://michaelten.art
How many Bitcoiners sacrificed their principles and backed a disaster of a coercive, unpopular law? I criticized it then, but far too few also did the same.
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