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Tenqido is an art. Tenqido is a religion that is not a religion. Learn about Tenqido at https://tenqido.org

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Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA: ‘Hip-hop has become one-sided’.
I drink mimosas, and eat samosas with hermosas.
Heavenly Dreams!
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Healing through relationships - Practical teaching from A Course in Miracles
Qigong and Aikido
May The Holy Spirit guide us to help Earth be more Heaven like today.......
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Link again?
May The Holy Spirit guide us to help Earth be more Heaven like today.
We are STILL entitled to Miracles. Https://acim.fun
What will you do to help outlaw psychiatric coercion and psychiatric human rights abuses? We can change the laws. We can create peaceful change. We need to nurture a grassroots movement perhaps.
Maybe Heavenly dreams will become Heavenly reality?! Eventually perhaps
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Takemusu. Relax completely
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Psychiatry Concerned it Will be ‘Marginalized’ in Push for Rights-Based Mental Health:
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