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replied · 355d
Memo is designed to work with lite wallets. It doesn't exist yet but it shouldn't be difficult to create a desktop version of Memo that isn't too heavy.
replied · 417d
What is more important, that their is a model for storing data, that is _not_ advertisement driven and that does not vanish as long as you pay for it.
replied · 422d
Still a long list of features to add: mobile app, user tagging, hashtags, better onboarding, direct sending, native image/video support, private messages, and lots more.
replied · 419d
Lets call it "BlockStorage" where you pay for the storage of large blocks of data in BCH. ;)
replied · 422d
It's a good question and one of the drawbacks of IPFS. Yes, perhaps a good system could be added for using BCH to pay for hosting on IPFS.
replied · 423d
The difference being that IPFS can be supported natively - i.e. you could upload files through Memo website / app.
replied · 423d
Storing images and video on-chain is expensive. To support media in a decentralized way it must be stored elsewhere. IPFS would be added to the current options (Imgur, Youtube, etc).
replied · 422d
Question: Who runs the IPFS Servers? How do you then pay for the uploads? Again with BCH?
replied · 422d
Question: Who runs the IPFS Servers? How do you then pay for the uploads? Again with BCH?
replied · 422d
thanks for clarifying!
· 423d
“As the son of a Polish holocaust survivor, the images and sounds of this family separation policy [are] heart wrenching.” Tweet by Michael Cohen on June 20, 2018.
replied · 423d
What is the Use-Case for that? How would a user profit from the integration of IPFS into Memo.cash?
replied · 423d
Memo will likely be adding IPFS support. Not sure when though.
replied · 425d
Just great!
replied · 426d
Edit and delete actions can be added to the protocol and supported in the UI. Of course since it's on-chain you will always be able to see the original.
replied · 442d
Like you said, you need enough to pay for the mining fee (~300 sats) and still have change above the dust limit (546 sats). So min is about 850 sats.
replied · 441d
This limit is actually not set by memo but by BCH nodes :( I'm trying to get this limited removed.

UTXOs could potentially be juggled to mitigate, but it would be kinda ugly.
replied · 443d
Yep, memo was designed to be bloom filter compatible so people can build lite clients.
· 447d · Bitcoin Cash
Breaking News: 70% of merchants in Cyprus will start accepting Bitcoin Cash payments. BCH will be added to a leading POS system.
· 447d
Where is BCH used in #Greece?
replied · 454d
I'm reading the jasonc. The double spend depends on some miners filtering out low fee transactions. Off hand I don't see a need to filter out low fee transactions.
replied · 454d
If you wait for confirmation you are fine. But for 0-conf here's an explanation of how a double spend can be done: https://jasonc.me/blog/bitcoin-bip-133-double-spends-bch
replied · 454d
One reason is by setting a minimum they encourage higher fees and make more. Another is that some fear low-fee transactions can be used for spam. Majority have 1 sat/b minimum.
· 456d