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replied 574d
Memo is designed to work with lite wallets. It doesn't exist yet but it shouldn't be difficult to create a desktop version of Memo that isn't too heavy.
replied 636d
What is more important, that their is a model for storing data, that is _not_ advertisement driven and that does not vanish as long as you pay for it.
replied 640d
Still a long list of features to add: mobile app, user tagging, hashtags, better onboarding, direct sending, native image/video support, private messages, and lots more.
replied 638d
Lets call it "BlockStorage" where you pay for the storage of large blocks of data in BCH. ;)
replied 641d
It's a good question and one of the drawbacks of IPFS. Yes, perhaps a good system could be added for using BCH to pay for hosting on IPFS.
replied 641d
The difference being that IPFS can be supported natively - i.e. you could upload files through Memo website / app.
replied 641d
Storing images and video on-chain is expensive. To support media in a decentralized way it must be stored elsewhere. IPFS would be added to the current options (Imgur, Youtube, etc).
replied 641d
Question: Who runs the IPFS Servers? How do you then pay for the uploads? Again with BCH?
replied 641d
Question: Who runs the IPFS Servers? How do you then pay for the uploads? Again with BCH?
replied 641d
thanks for clarifying!
“As the son of a Polish holocaust survivor, the images and sounds of this family separation policy [are] heart wrenching.” Tweet by Michael Cohen on June 20, 2018.
replied 642d
What is the Use-Case for that? How would a user profit from the integration of IPFS into Memo.cash?
replied 642d
Memo will likely be adding IPFS support. Not sure when though.
replied 644d
Just great!
replied 644d
Edit and delete actions can be added to the protocol and supported in the UI. Of course since it's on-chain you will always be able to see the original.
replied 660d
Like you said, you need enough to pay for the mining fee (~300 sats) and still have change above the dust limit (546 sats). So min is about 850 sats.
replied 659d
This limit is actually not set by memo but by BCH nodes :( I'm trying to get this limited removed.

UTXOs could potentially be juggled to mitigate, but it would be kinda ugly.
replied 662d
Yep, memo was designed to be bloom filter compatible so people can build lite clients.
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Breaking News: 70% of merchants in Cyprus will start accepting Bitcoin Cash payments. BCH will be added to a leading POS system.
Where is BCH used in #Greece?
replied 673d
I'm reading the jasonc. The double spend depends on some miners filtering out low fee transactions. Off hand I don't see a need to filter out low fee transactions.
replied 673d
If you wait for confirmation you are fine. But for 0-conf here's an explanation of how a double spend can be done: https://jasonc.me/blog/bitcoin-bip-133-double-spends-bch
replied 673d
One reason is by setting a minimum they encourage higher fees and make more. Another is that some fear low-fee transactions can be used for spam. Majority have 1 sat/b minimum.