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23, living in Malta working on


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I am working for chiliZ, a blockchain based voting platform for esports and sports. Tuesday we announced we have partnered with PSG!
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Sk8eM dUb
There are already similar machines made in Korea that do exactly this with BCH. I hope to see them start getting deployed!
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CCN covers a ETH based Social Media site after discussed on Joe Rogan

WHAT A BOUT US? We work on Bitcoin.
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Sk8eM dUb
I disagree lol.
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This guy predicting the fall of Ethereum to 0 due to scaling when he is a BITCOIN CORE contributor.

$BTC to zero then?

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BTC is nothing more than an ICO for Lightning at this point.
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“Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.” ― Henry David Thoreau
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23, living in Malta working on
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My first memo!

Bitcoin Cash, for me personally, is Bitcoin & the vision of Satoshi as per the whitepaper. Hope to make some friends here!
I live in Malta, the Blockchain Island & starting a BCH meetup soon.