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Enter The Sphere Has Officially Launched on Bitcoin Cash. Live and Playable NFTs on ANY Platform.
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I like this one.
Hello memos. Just doing some regular exercise for the day that /r/btc gets confiscated for corrupt reasons. Hope you all are having a good day.
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Yesterday, there were
14636 txs on BCH chain, 260473 txs on BTC. BCH dominance=BCH/BTC=5.6%
1161846-1161047=799 memo txs, 📈20.9% (compared w/ prev 661), account for 5.5% of all BCH tx
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Two new filter options for you today, you lucky dog. v5.1.1+ - See It Your Way
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A guy is onboarding a new merchant in Africa

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Nothing to see here. Can't send to, withdraw from, or even get paid as a merchant in. Just IOU system for crypto.
Introducing, the highly requested night mode theme! 🌙

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Let's help make Bitcoin Cash more accessible and convenient to as many people as possible by funding
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Introducing, the highly requested night mode theme! 🌙

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I don't think anyone wants a split. However, since ABC unilaterally decided to implement an IFP without support from the majority of stakeholders, business and miners there is a risk
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It is ABCs right to fork if they want. I wish them well. I just wish they were doing it in a less messy and destructive way.
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This is amazing!! member just got sexier 🤩
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How to make smaller pledges to
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Would you bet your life savings on a 3% chance to win? LOL
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97% of scientists agree that global warming is caused by humans, and you are looking at the 3%. LOL
I think green looks nicer, but orange is a strong schelling point to bitcoin cash being the real bitcoin.
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Uther's pubic hair
This is what coinmarketcap with toggleable filter for scams would look like
Bug in Timelocked Bitcoin Transactions Allows Miners to Steal From Each Other
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Trumpf is threatening to close down social media platforms. Good thing he can't close memo/member
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Ask a newbie to try using your software while thinking aloud.

- Absolute best way to disabuse yourself of the notion that your software is easy to use.