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henlo sirs.
is this the #BCH bottom?
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Only old people on their way out still read the mainstream news. : )
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PoS also exposes crypto to the same perverse incentives of traditional banking and governments; namely, "He who has the gold, makes the rules"

Only PoW is trustless & permissionless.
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Exactly. Proof of stake is literally "the rich get richer" without doing anything. they don't have to work for it. Proof of Work is fundamentally different. it's better, more fair.
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let it go fren. it was 10 years ago. it doesn't matter anymore.
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The issue with proof of stake is that it's not permissionless. if buying is the only way to obtain stake, then you can exclude someone from obtaining it. you can't exclude work.
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Nice. I'm interested. I have started development and creation endeavors again too. Maybe I can make a European version of how to live on crypto. it's all a little different here
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kek. i was too lazy to go stake on BlockFi for 7-9pct APY. I thought about it a few times but ended up to lazy to actually move the USDC there. now Blockfi is insolvend. thanks lazynes
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hello. do you have a job for me. I'm looking for fully remote work. I have 5 years of DevOps experience (Europe)
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I haven't gotten any gifts since I was 16.
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I'm not as rich as you, else i would
Getting excited about crypto again. This is going to be a fun next few years!
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fuck off loser :D
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Usually Uther
uther and all your other accounts , same person, same stupid loser. you.
And 8 years from now no one will think this is special
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you are a disgusting neckbeard that only spends time shitting on everything and anyone cause you hate yourself and your misserablle life, go make some more accounts
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Usually Uther
stop drinking and swearing you pleb tier loser.