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Introducing dChat: an open-source chat protocol linked to your crypto address
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Good Cop Fired For Posting Video Calling Out Tyrannical Government
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"1mb is deep down in the protocol."
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It's called inflation, which takes value from my holdings and transfers it to others. So holders are current paying for security through inflation. We could pay for other things.
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Your response lacks any rational response. So I think you don't understand how any of this works.
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I'm simply fuckin right...there is no goalpost shifting. Miners are entitled to anything - only those coins that the network deems is right and sufficient to keep it self perpetuating.
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Only if those coins confirm to network rules. They can't mint themselves 50 Bitcoin anymore.

No matter how much you spin it, we determine what they are allowed to mint and assign
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It's not's my fuckin value. We are currently assigning it to miners for their work. We can assign some of it elsewhere.
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V4.0.1 - there's a notification bubble showing how many new private messages are waiting for you?
voted I do not support the current IFP as written by ABC, but I might support a modified version with broader community support 72d
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How do you feel about ABC's IFP?
I support the current IFP as written by ABC 3 votes · 0 satoshis
I do not support the current IFP as written by ABC, but I might support a modified version with broader community support 8 votes · 4,221 satoshis
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Fuck the state.
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I pledged 0.42 BCH to the bchd Flipstarter campaign:
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So I'm right.

You get a mute.
An article by Decrypt on the #BitcoinCash based encrypted messaging system I'm working on:
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Merely having Covid is a covid death even though the death was caused by something else -