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I would like to be able to easily link a comment/discussion thread from inside the's currently not possible.
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For the FGC9, a hydraulic tube is used for the barrel that can take the pressures exerted.
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These aren't for metal...
2d · Agorism
3D printed gun resources.
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Just make the community here.

Use member for articles, discussions, and announcements.

Everything you need is already provided for in the memo protocol.
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He may be posting from member.

Open systems FTW!
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Seriously, fuck this dude.
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Anyone can utilize the native DSR (DAI Savings Rate) to get a high APR return on a stable token.

The ease of DAI will only increase as time goes on.
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BCH better learn.
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DAI reaches daily high of 27,879 txs.

DAI is now supported on Coinbase Commerce.
DAI is taking over
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I love how much of a whiny bitch you are
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I am using the member app to respond to you. It's formatted like reddit to allow for long form discussion.
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The article is not about digital money, but about digital gold.
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Bch leading the pack up 10%
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I love the smell of FOMO is the mornin
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18d · memo
The new wallet contains a link to memo!

Considering the large number of people using this app...
18d · memberapp
List improvements you would like to see on MemberApp - BCH blockchain browser/social
I will work on my instance on
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18d · Agorism
FGC9 3D printed firearm
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Download Member Desktop so that we can keep talking even if all Memo protocol websites are taken offline -