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The new economy:
Good information will cost the worst is free or not
Good brings you benefit bad be yours alone
Good rises bad is diminished
Power of We empowers Me
Inclusion or oblivion
Good Will Be Valued


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"In trying to show or describe the truth to someone, I have found, the sad part of deaf and blindness is one can't see and hear."
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Is #BSV universal? Do you want everyone to use it?
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I wish that people would stop referencing politics or religion when talking about #BitCoin it's just completely ignorant.
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Something becomes but some don't believe in the origin. That is a very, very old story. Just be grateful for it's coming and know you are not the origin. Have some humility.

#WeChooseSV #BSV
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This is 'The Hot Lead' - Bang on every door - Call on every contact - Pull all the strings - Get in the door!
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The truth formula is all positive numbers. And a lie can never compete because of all of the negatives. #TruthChain
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Lying and Truth Tellin'

If lying and truth telling were a formula
Truth is all positive numbers
The lie never achieves full measure
Cause it’s mixed with so many negatives.
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BitCoin BSV is maintaining a continuing mining profitability against BTC:
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This slide shows the basic value proposition for currency tokens (e-money) using the Tokenized Protocol.:
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