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The new economy:
Good information will cost the worst is free or not
Good brings you benefit bad be yours alone
Good rises bad is diminished
Power of We empowers Me
Inclusion or oblivion
Good Will Be Valued


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"If I'm working I'm bleeding. It just seems to be the way it goes." PJ Grube
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"02022020 - It had to happen sometime... Well it would have to be today." PJ Grube
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"When we look we see. We are hunters." PJ Grube
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"Good brings benefit
Bad yours alone
Good rises Bad diminished
Inclusion or oblivion
Good-Will-Be-Valued" PJ Grube
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"Love is a own way street. Either you're going along together or you're not." PJ Grube
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"If I'm working I'm bleeding." PJ Grube
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"Money is worth something, it's just 'worth less'." PJ Grube
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"Being right doesn't make you better than, it just makes you right." PJ Grube
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"Everyone get's their apocalypse, personally designed. That's why it is so horrifying." PJ Grube
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"Look at the evidence of your goodness and then agree." PJ Grube
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As far as symbolism and coincidence is concerned, "Sometime a pitchfork is just a pitchfork."
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"Humanity as a whole can not escape it's self indulgence it is the broken piece." PJ Grube
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NY is over rated. Check our Australia's New Years Celebration:
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"Without incentive there is no life. Gravity itself forces the resistance that allows everything to grow." Pj Grube
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This Christmas think outside the box:
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"There are no inventions... That would be madness and ego. There are only discoveries of how the universe works."
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