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Hey everyone! I made a wishlist of features and updates I would love to see come to #Memo! Let me know what I missed. Cheers! https://honest.cash/v2/merhalish/my-memocash-features-and-updates-wish-list-5932 #Memocash
Jason and Memo people: "Who to follow" should be "Whom to follow". Don't follow Twitter's grammatical lead.
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Hey, is memo.cash funded somehow? I'm wondering if you'd be interested in a token like psfoundation.cash to fund help from open source developers. Check out the biz plan. Interested? Contact me.
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Lol i hope that wasn't you on the hwy!!!! Lol VROOM!!!!!
My Crypto Chocolate Machine
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Right 👍
Cats also love Bitcoin Cash
Fmr Director US Mint: "Bitcoin is good competition for Gold and Fiat"
Another heatwave is penetrating Europe right now... 😵😵😵

The duel :Timo Ball vs. Robot Kuka,
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Copper has the same properties, one of the reasons traditional breweries used "coppers" to boil the beer. Today's fun fact brought to you by me :-)
Silver for centuries as an antimicrobial to kill bacteria. Ancient civilizations applied the metal to wounds. Ship captains tossed silver coins into storage barrels to keep drinking water fresh.
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