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Hello everyone it's mila here

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Then you have these idiots in the government that can't even identify the Marxist spies.
The Marxists are the ones doing stupid shit like the idiots at the IRS that want me to solve puzzles to create economic activity
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Please give me some good token for sell 🙂😟
The post office is a disaster because of the Marxist Revolutionaries that have infiltrated the government.
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Sir give me some satoshi by your help I can withdraw my balance 🥺🥺🥺
sent · 36,180 sats 1367d
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😓😓 hope you help me I just able to sell 39k satoshi
replied 1371d
Every one in a race for making money
bought 100,000 HONK for 19,000 satoshis (0.19 each) from 1372d
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Hope someone buy my token
listed 10 HOLY for 550 satoshis (55 each) SOLD 1372d

listed 100 DNT for 299,900 satoshis (2,999 each) 1372d

listed 100,000 🍞 for 3,400,000 satoshis (34 each) SOLD 1372d

listed 100,000 HONK for 19,000 satoshis (0.19 each) SOLD 1372d

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Need some satoshi for selling token 😟
replied 1373d
I need some food 😟
replied 1373d
Please help me something I lost my job
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Hi sir 🥺🥺🥺
replied 1373d
Hello sir can you help me please 😟?
replied 1375d
Need UI improvement
Uther Pendragon
replied 1376d
It can notify me about the price what i want
And you can follow your currency.
It can show you what price is going on every platform etc.
By the way thanks for your unforgettable help
replied 1376d
Can't you use coingecko ?
replied 1376d
Thanks sir 🙏
sent · 2,398,759 sats 1376d
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