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replied 7h
They have tendency this of mooning when others moon too.
replied 9h
On the other hand the risk of having multiple implementation is that (not intentional) differences in the consensus code can cause a split.
replied 2d
If i would had sv, i would had sold it already, but i dont speculate on this practicular coin.
2d · Capitalism
The face of my japanese friend, after i told him, we call hard disks WINCHESTER in eastern europe:
replied 2d
Probably bear trap all around the market. This bull run will be brutal.
replied 2d
Yeah, also moving hashpower away from sv would cause sv price drop.
replied 2d
Bitcoin Cash: so now you can use it like real cash?
Bitcoin Fork: so now you can use it in restaurants?
Bitcoin Gold: now it exists in the form of gold?
2d · discuss with freetrader
Nice classic demo effect, you seem to enjoy oldschool software rendering.
replied 2d
And what if someone sends some magic bytes which crash the nodes? Then they will have no network for days till they fix it?
replied 2d
Interesting, then they lose a lot of software diversity.
replied 2d
They have some early BU node implementation too. But i guess that defaults to 8 mb.
2d · Games
I have ordered this video card from Aliexpress
replied 2d
Not manipulation, just the halvening is coming.
replied 2d
State+Banks+3 letter organizations vs. Cryptocurrency
replied 2d
Why? I have heard, taiwan is full with bike manufactury. Cheap and good bikes are good business overseas!
replied 2d
Interesting, probably they using outdated mining software?
replied 2d
Feminazism causing freefall in the childbirth numbers all over the world.
replied 2d
Bitcoin Cash Activist Man Of No Ego
Buy high, sell low.
replied 2d
Why would anyone give others free bch?
replied 2d
$3333 would be more healthy
3d · Bitcoin SV
Nice job, i wonder if they will overtake ripple
replied 3d
Like the treshold of the size of land you can own in communism before you was sent to the gulag for being a kulák.
replied 3d
World have never needed banksters. They can learn a new profession, like cultivating potato.
replied 3d
Taiwan-chan, you should sell bikes instead.