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16h · us politics/trump
China installing 220 new nuclear icbm rockets in the desert. Previously they had a total 20, now they increasing it to a total 240, and increasing the total number of their nukes to 700.
18h · Electronic music
B&W - Mistaken (Fictivision Mix).mpg
18h · Linux
After patching and fixing it several times, even the newest Linux kernel is still vulnerable Spectre.
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I would rather see 1 minute block times than experimental technologies no one have seen in practice so far. A few seconds would be of course fantastic, but 1 min is enough for now.
replied 19h
Imagine someone selling ice cream for BCH to you, but you must wait one block before he handles it to you. In contrast to 1 mintute coins, BCH will get discontinued in these shops.
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Without it, the coin will not be ideal for small real-life payments within the next 5 years compared to newer generations of coins.
21h · bitcoin cash
We need 1 minute block times, smaller relay fees and smaller minimal miner fees asap.
2d · Politics
3d · Electronic music
Mindsphere - Inside The Horizon
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I think you have misread what i wrote.
5d · Anime, Manga, AMV, Vocaloid
【初音ミク】 Heath 【オリジナル】
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According to the bible, personal liberty comes before the interests of the community, unless god ordered differently in a particular case (for example to punish thiefs).
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I don't see it takes away anything. The vulnerable individual still has many options to protect their own health, and now with vaccines, they have another.
6d · Linux
I have modded an Asus 8800GT to single slot:
9d · Conspiracy
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I was writing the new retro cpu test in the previous days.
9d · Linux
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9d · MGTOW
9d · Linux
A collection of Israeli/Saudi arabian/Hungarian/Indonesian spyware software package candiru / pegasus used to harrass and hunt down opposition and newspaper writers. Its used against ~40000 victims.
18d · Linux
21d · Folk music
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