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Actually its called РС-28 Сармат and it means "Sarmatian". The NATO codename of the rocket is SATAN-2.
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Hatsune Miku - Your Eyes (club mix)
2d · War Machine
azovstal fighters surrended
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Its similar to photoshop or pspro. (Layers, smudging, effects. But its less effective if you want to make an artwork from 0)
5d · capitalism
9d · bitcoin cash
Whats up with that not-so-stable coin? It got nuked?
Deleted twitter after 3 days this time. Seems Elon is making all the right enemies, so I wanted to re-try it. It’s still just noise though. Slightly disappointed tbh.
White men are people too
13d · Politics
More depressing info about the world today.
Lots of good information, though I do not really believe in his solution.
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White men are people too
They conscripted and force drafted teens and 20 year olds to the army, and they ran out of them yesterday. Yesterday they consprited everyone who is still alive, including the unfit.
14d · Capitalism
Ukraine the feminist terrorstate exterminates its young men, so public servants can do heroin in their offices a few days longer
14d · Capitalism
Az államisten papjainak bibliája a gépfegyver.
14d · Capitalism
Finland is mobilizing, they moving troops to the russian border.
15d · Capitalism
Hungarian media: German politics are "hallucinations of green communism", led by ''politicians who rised and decayed in luxury, playing with the fire''
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【さとうささら】Амурские волны
16d · linux
After 14 years, the SAA7231 tv card still doesnt works from Linux.
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White men are people too
I see the danger. Thats why i have made the post, to warn my circles about the possibility of this.
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White men are people too
How to answer it? You can't answer it. You shot all of your sanctions. You cant nuke them back, because the fear from consequences for your country would be too high.
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White men are people too
Lets be real, even if Russia nukes Bruxelles or Warsaw, countries like Britain and France will not nuke Russia... their life worths more.
19d · War
Nuclear war threat. We slowly reaching the treshold when, despite the counter attack, it will be cheaper for russia to take out major nato centers and capitals than continuing the proxy war.
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Paripi Koumei | Opening
24d · linux
Youtube ads are getting out of hand. I had to install an adblocker to prevent any ads to load. I was getting about 8 to 30 ads per video.
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I replace them with more modern SATA hard drives.
28d · Linux
US software industry is about to go back 30 years in time, after they have started to ban russian programmers from Github.