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17h · bitcoin cash
what was this tiny pumperino and dumperino in all of the coins?
1d · Capitalism
1d · Capitalism
Nothing can cure your sorrow when they shot your countrymen more than an LG smart TV. Trump is weak, he let the country to descend into chaos.
3d · photography
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Unusual Uther
replied 2d
It works for me.
2d · Capitalism
You can read every literature about communism and socialism, or you can watch this 25 second long video.
replied 3d
i didnt do anything, after a restart it started working
replied 3d

my BUCASH node was not supporting the newest ,,hard fork''. after upgrading it, its now fully dead. RIP.
replied 3d
Your soul.
3d · bitcoin cash
my node got stuck with a block. how can i invalidate a practicular block?
replied 3d
in that case, i think everything should be treated as a long post by default, people rarely talk to themself
replied 4d
I think this should be the automatic behaviour, the regular link just crashes your browser window for a minute to render.
4d · MGTOW
In ireland, young female sexual offenders are not punishable by the law
4d · MGTOW
5d · Electronic music
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they can adopt me any time. i will even call them papa and mama.
6d · memo
At this point, may just implement the longer-than-240-character protocol, other clones already do
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i kraft.

Copied from:
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I am lutheran, so i could be the new king.
6d · Capitalism
Meanwhile in Venezuela
replied 6d
i am suprised the survived the liftoff
replied 6d
...except for the white ‘n nerdy guy looting the lego set. fking legend!✊
6d · Capitalism
Live stream: america trying to go into space
6d · Racism in Currency
Protesting is fine, but looters must be shot.