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1d · Over The Top
Strogification Process - Quake 4
Jun 15, 2009
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I think you confusing something, because BTC had no 0-conf.
1d · Capitalism
Remember 1956 october 23
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The root principle of every real science is: doubt.
1d · Bitcoin Cash
2d · Electronic music
Gate To Happiness (Original Mix)

All accroding to (((plan)))
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It seems the new economic and energy crisis across the globe eradicated the trust permanently. People gravitating to the world of cryptocurrency in increasing numbers.
3d · Capitalism
the era of state issued shitcoins as "hard currency" is slowly ending
3d · Capitalism
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You can download the important videos
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I just posted this here and watched it within the last hour and the assholes have deleted it off of youtube
4d · Electronic music
Khetzal - Djaningar
4d · UFO
The comments are gold:

"Dang swamp gas getting sneakier every day"

"The more we get into the future, the lower quality these videos seem to get"

4d · Electronic music
Koan - Rainfall
6d · Anime, Manga, AMV, Vocaloid

uma musume level99
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White men are people too
kanguristan going wild
White men are people too
8d · covid-19
Petition against Aussie law that allows unvaccinated people to be relocated, detained for “indefinite time”, provide body samples to WHO, etc
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10d · Anime, manga, amv, vocaloid
HEART 初音ミク
It's easier for governments to ban drugs that are not addictive compared to drugs that are addictive like nicotine and alcohol.
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government issued shitmoney is overvalued
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11d · Linux
world: green energy, power consumption decrease, energy crisis
nvidia: *hold my beer* meet our new 600w pci-e 5.0 GPU coord!