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1d · Electronic music
Ion Vader + Goalien ~ Visual Pattern ᴴᴰ
2d · Capitalism
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you will be forced to believe in your leaders.
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4d · Electronic music
Animato - Harmonize
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The cat was delicious. You are next.
-greetings, the Tuna
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Car insurance is not for your safety, its just another indirect form of taxation.
It's really dumb how the government forces you too buy car insurance, why does everyone need insurance? Why not just the people that have been in a car accident before? Wouldn't that be incentive not too crash a car?
This is the stupid old woman that is trash talking crypto currencies.
She is like 80, she has no clue what she is even talking about.
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Seems like an old insane aunt who stops in the corner and silently mumbles to herself.
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11d · Electronic music
Goalien - After Life
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time is bitcoin
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Uncensorable blockchains... are critical for human dignity
13d · test
14d · flipstarter
The latest Flipstarter for didn't work out. Thanks to those who pledged, especially ErdoganTalk. I'll continue with it as a hobby project, and will seek another project for full time work.
Unusual Uther
Are the main problem on this Earth, they make laws too keep you in poverty, they want you too sit on your butt and do Math Equations for the IRS 24/7 because they are psychotic freaks...
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15d · Linux
nvidia (tm) radeon (r) RXforce 99999 autist edition $9999
if you dont buy it right now, you are not even a human