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1d · Linux
Spinning rust will not spin too long any more.
9d · Linux
Ancient Romanian technology

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Rasputitsa (rural mud) is about to freeze in east europe. The temperature now falling rapidly, below 0c at nights. A few hours ago i noticed the ground became very solid and firm.
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I dont seem to find any additional links on the topic. Its quite interesting if the victims surviving family members doesn't gathered these documents and posted it somewhere.
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I can ask around. How the report supposed to look like? How and when it was released? Any info could help, as i haven't heard about this one.
14d · Linux
17d · Linux
Seagate Archive 8 TB
20d · Folk music
Kimio Eto - Koto Music
28d · Anime, manga, amv, vocaloid
Meanwhile in the UK:
40d · bitcoin cash
It seems the crypto prices started to slowly crawle upwards again.
62d · Electronic music
Dimension 5 - Beyond The Stars (Original Unreleased Version)
74d · Electronic music
Median Project - Life Line
81d · Technology
Russian 3ТЭ10МТ train engine initialization sequence:
86d · 📽️🎞️🍿 Movies 🍿🎞️📽️
In the North Korean version of Lion King, Simba shoots lasers from his paw at evil imperialists with flammenwerfers
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These types of small DC engines move faster when bigger voltage is being applied on them.
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97d · Funny

HIGH VOLTAGE to Electric Toys! #3
104d · Politics
Happy 1127th birthday, Hungarian state!
106d · Electronic music
Chi-AD - Liquid Neon Sky
107d · MGTOW

Ukraine, the corrupt feminist terrorstate exterminates its male population in a new wave of forced draft, to allow its women to sniff drugs in discos for one more day.
Need some Music or SFX for your project?
I'm open for #bitcoincash #bch #commissions

#music #soundtrack #sfx #musicassets #blockchain
109d · Electronic music
Asura - V.A.N.T.A.
110d · Folk music
Mabthera - Drága élet semmivé lett