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1d · Linux
Playing video can install virus on Qualcomm Snapdragon based phones due to a vulnerability in the DSP hardware
1d · memo
I have to fill chaptas each and every time when trying to open the site:
I am prety sure its not normal.
2d · Music
Мои грехи
3d · Linux
ktorrent - this raw manure cant open magnet links any more.
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4d · bitcoin cash
the aserti3-2d difficulty adjustment algorithm (ASERT DAA) on Bitcoin Cash (BCH) on November 15th
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it was never a sympathetic platform
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everything through electron leaks your ip address and list of your coin addresses
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some of these claims are unrealible, most of the claims are just creating impression and speculation
6d · Electronic music
Nostromosis - Veda Vselenskaya
replied 6d
yeah, i have read about the Indian scientist who discovered the issues first
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This is from the holodomor, the Russian holocaust.
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*engineers built the power plant, and communism destroyed it
6d · Capitalism
replied 7d
playground vs 300 kilovolts?
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ethereum cash
replied 8d
Gamer screams at video games: 1m views
Designer about game development: 100k views
Developer about making game engine: 1k view
Developer about digital circuits in 3d rendering: 20 view
9d · China
USA blocks TikTok
9d · Anime, Manga, AMV, Vocaloid
9d · Capitalism
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replied 9d
The last game i was played and enjoyed was from the 90s. But i am actually somewhat happy about this, i am not wasting my time on playing games.
replied 9d
Good for you, mine was a SiS potato, running everything on 12 fps.
replied 9d
Praise the fact that those games were actually real games, unlike modern ones, which are all merely more than WASD flyby techdemos and clones of each other.
9d · Linux