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Bitcoin is Bitcoin Cash


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BTC and BCH don't matter.
Bitcoin (SV) is Bitcoin
Bitcoin (SV)
Centralized checkpoints and collusion by mining cartels with exchanges. Sorry but Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin. Experiment away.
Bitcoin Cash is no longer bitcoin.
I speak only truth
Roger Ver betrayed bitcoin.
Bitcoin is BitcoinSV. Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin Cash.
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Bitcoin SV is Bitcoin

ABC is dead.
Bitcoin SV wins
Lost faith in Craig Wright. Bitcoin Cash will be better without him.
USD is like BTC. It's corrupt, shitty but it has the brand name and armies of clueless sheep supporting it. Don't worry about the USD, it will be the safehaven for even shittier fiats
This is huge
"Bitcoin Core (BTC) has driven out anybody who understands economics, and so are incapable of building an economic system." - @Falkvinge
Sveta & jax
Twitter has completely imploded, banning prominent anti-war voices like Scott Horton, Peter Van Bueren and Daniel McAdams.

Twitter is the enemy of promoters of peace.
Look at that r/bitcoin post by Amaury. It's either cozying up with the Core supporters or some very clever sarcasm. He called BCH bcash. Give ammo to your enemy much?
First they split Bitcoin and now they are working on splitting the Bitcoin Cash network to stop any progress in p2p cash. Makes total sense.
So the lead dev of Bitcoin Cash turned against it. Interesting.
Anyone like snake soup?

@cobrabitcoin ;)
Too bad @bitcoin blocks people. Like me :)
With LN and all of Litecoin's "payment services" (Litepay, Litepal..) in the toilet, where does LTC go now?

Probably the toilet too. Charlie "SODL" Lee you lose.
Litepay was terminated, and now Litepal? LMAO. The website is gone. Charlie Lee reminds me of that OTC pink sheet CEO who pumps out fake news about a company every week.