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Agronomist working to get Farm Products on the Block-chain


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The corrupt imbecile Jack Dorsey is at it again:

"Twitter Locks WikiLeaks Official Account With 5.4 Million Followers, Days Before Julian Assange's Extradition Hearing"

Please increase Memo word count to higher limit, it's less than Twitter right now.

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It's about 2500/day right now, limited every 2 hours. I really have no interest in integrating privacy invading Google but I'm working on implementing some other spam protections.
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Happy birthday mom #50
bought 61 SOUR for 122,000 satoshis (2,000 each) from 1d
Sold the remaining BTC that I had for BCH today, price seems good. #SkinInTheGame
My top 5 arguments against the mining tax as implemented in ABC 0.21.0
(and an invitation to contribute your own)

Simon Van Gelder
bitcoinb-abc has roughly 3 days to backtrack, or I will be switching node software.

Lamest of the lame.
Good to see the OGs (and basically everyone on /r/btc) standing up against the protocol tax:


#NoProtocolTax #BitcoinCash
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That we should all take a nilistic approach to life
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Simon Van Gelder
I am interested still.
But I don't agree in feasibility if what money can be spent on. Dash has a system, most treasuries set up what money is spent on for development.
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Simon Van Gelder
No interest to give to dev pool unless I have say in what they do
But otherwise I would be interested
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And in real life ...if im out in the woods...i have my .243 for the long and smith 40 for the short...poles for the water and always got that fire boy!!! :)
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Don't know what a RDR2 is but sure real life is a bit more exciting.
Always remeber, you only need to run faster than the person beside you in real life
Bear will stop eat them
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Would be great
I am starting a micro hydro down at river and slowly adding some. Solar and wind as I can afford.
Would be nice having memos invokved
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Have you thought about growing a mining facility with all the miners from memo? If we each brought 5 miners to your location it could be most glorious
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Absolutely. Got the pigs with tusks out in barn, bears down by cabin. Occasional wolf pack comes by. Love living in Northern Canada
No concern for us, u scared??
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I have 2 barn cats sitting outside the door waiting their chance
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Great idea and yes I have. In fact I have some thin tin over top doing that atm. Not perfect but if I can find a heat sink at reasonable price I will add
It is really not that load S5
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Got a cabin down by the river just waiting for u.
Come to check those poor chickens are not losing their hearing.
Maybe we need PPE earplugs
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Maybe i will
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We are building a little business taking old miners making into mini mining furnaces.
Seems to be working but just in our infantcy
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Original forker
He forked, talked a good talk and many followed that idea.
ABC continues to act as though they are owed something.
In life you must continue working to get paid
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Another split potential loaming. When will everyone realize AS is the issue. He was original former, he talks about splits as his tool to get his way and contributions are stalled.