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Agronomist working to get Farm Products on the Block-chain


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bought 300 SWEET for 2,100,000 satoshis (7,000 each) from 1h
sent 8 SWEET to
The More people Get Free #Sweet the more will Price always go down 😯😯 ..free sweet equals free $..get free and they not care the price is down..😣 but also good for those who beileve ..and buyed the dip😊
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replied 22h
Good luck! - your project looks super promising. I'm rooting for ya'll!
replied 22h
Same to u
Enjoy getting my divs from u, Crytpovato and Sourtoshi
Keep up good work
replied 22h
Got a bunch of dv myself. Didn't know it was Urs haha
replied 22h
I'm only aware of DV (mine), RFND,and SOUR doing bch dividends
replied 22h
No need for thanks. I like talking about slp
So new so many people have so many visions for its future.
I am building 3 projects using it atm. 1st should be public Dec/Jan
replied 22h
Thanks for all your help ! ;)
replied 22h
Sweet? slpswap.com sweet? Thats you?
replied 22h
Building it, yes thst is us
replied 22h
Sweet is mine, sour, spice, Honk, Rfnd, rnew, zpt, Inc, feels, all in list if u go check
Sorry I have to get back to farm.
Animals don't wait for me and I don't have internet there
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I know Vidteks had some tokens like that. Paid in BCH. But the ones I know about are from way back. Kow of any new ones?
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sent 888 SWEET to
sent 888 SWEET to 22h
Gotta get back to work on the farm. Sorry I can't follow conversation about faucet anynore
Appreciate the chance to input though
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I don't visit discord anymore. So many channels too much to do.
I come here, I like memo
I don't use member either
But I do use telegram. I think most faucets are there
replied 22h
The token market is a money maker for memo, so i would imagine that making it easy and fair as possible would be up there at the top of the list. I'm sure it'll only get better :)
replied 22h
Sour is a good example of a professional run faucet.
Not sure about others. They often break if ot maintained
Sourtoshi seems to be working hard on his all the time to make improvemen
replied 22h
All this makes me feel like a newbie lol
replied 22h
The project decides
replied 22h
Sourtoshi is always improving it using reddit verified acxounts

Also just go to telegram and many faucets there