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"If man chooses oblivion, he can go right on leaving his fate to his political leaders. If he chooses Utopia, he must initiate an enormous education program - immediately, if not sooner."
-R. Buckminster Fuller


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“Republicans are...”
“Democrats are ...”

Collectivist, tribalist, parochial concepts.
Evolve towards what Buckminster Fuller called a "an utterly classless, raceless, omnicooperative, omniworld humanity."
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Unexpected Wifi factory reset yesterday. CableHaunt? Why chance it. Just purchased a new router on the supported devices list for DD-WRT, the Linux-based open-source wifi software
Thank you Neal Peart for the words and rhythms

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Why use inferior technology? XMR is faster, cheaper, and a zillion times more private
New Years Privacy Detox
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Aquinas was a tool and a dweeb and his "insights" are at best navel-gazing and at worst a virus meme that eats the logical mind of its host
Reflecting this season on the numinous beauty and unity of all things. How much we are able to understand this holy reality thanks to the gift that was given to us.

Thank you, Isaac

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Unusual Uther
St. Thomas Aquinas, among others: "Faith is a quality, since it is a virtue, i.e., a good quality of the mind"
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They say there are no Atheists in foxholes, but according to the data, there are essentially no Atheists in prisons.
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0.1% of US population *in prison* report their religion as Atheist/Science/etc
~25% of US population report their religion as generally "None"
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For the same reason that I mock Socialism, I also mock the idea that Faith is a virtue.
Socialists go to their grave thinking that a system based on violence, and always ending in suffering, is the best thing to which to dedicate their lives!
Upset the USA stole Snowden's book money?
I donated to the family that sheltered him in Hong Kong. The USA is trying to destroy their lives in retaliation.
The donate page accepts crypto!
Doing a code review. Not sure if this bit works on Windows
Don't have any Win PC handy to check. Haven't used Windows in years..
Suddenly infused with a sense of how AWESOME my life is!
Socialism kills — here’s how!
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June 4th Tiennenmen Square Massacre
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Friends who do not wish to live in an Orwellian dystopia, please repost this message everywhere you can.
人類自由! 香港自由。 監視監視狀態!
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What happens if the ambulance driver crashes? Well, they send the ambulance ambulance. And if *that* driver crashes, ...
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It makes sense to demand Monero any time you don't want to be under total surveillance