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"If man chooses oblivion, he can go right on leaving his fate to his political leaders. If he chooses Utopia, he must initiate an enormous education program - immediately, if not sooner."
-R. Buckminster Fuller


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In an economic war, the only way to be a Conscientious Objector is via crypto.
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Before I lost a truckload of money on crypto, I lost a truckload on Precious Metals. But as they say, you only lose when you sell, and I'm only down on paper.
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It's clear that if it continues and worsens, that's Bad. And Needless! Interesting: In an economic war, the only way to be a Conscientious Objector is via crypto.
Just now, the US-CN Trade War directly impacted me. For the first time. Fortunately I'm only inconvenienced, not hurt. But... war is war. By whatever means, it's nasty business and to be engaged in only in *defense* !
"Facebook said that financial data gathered by Calibr [manager of Libra] a wouldn't be shared without users' consent." hahahaha
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Just watched this! Matt Dowd is the world's Second Coolest Human, right behind Geddy Lee
How Black Holes Kill Galaxies
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I've met #Mark Zuckerberg a few times in college and he is #creepy as fuck.

He was in my #frat.
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LOL, just figured it out. I didn't know BSV has OP_RETURN data sizes of up to 100 KB
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Hold on, that doesn't explain it. BitDB is an in-memory DB indexing blockchain data. Got it.
My question is, where is the image data stored? In OP_RETURN? Or offchain?
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Planaria is a realtime blockchain state machine/CRUD API. Doesn't explain where the actual image data is stored. That is what I'd like to know. Where's the data, Lebowski?! 2/2
Anyone got details on Bitstagram? I'd like to know how they store images. I only found this: "Powered by a new Planaria machine that takes protocol images and transforms them into filtered files" 1/2
New Hampshire: Birthplace of the Basic programming language, and of the first home videogame system!
#NHItsLikeThisToo #FreeStateProject
In this message, I see the darkest side of human nature. Ideas so good they have to be mandatory. Your betters have determined the Right Way to Live and will enforce it at gunpoint. NO!
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"No Being shall Harm another Being" is *not* the Non-Aggression Principle. Proportionate defense is still perfectly acceptable.
"Someone tries to kill you, you kill 'em right back!"
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Using BCH to get access to every candy machine in the world.
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didnt see that but funny coincidence. also the stay at ISS is $35k but the flight up there is $60M.
(posts to memo)
(narcissistically loads txstreet joping to see own post in real-time)
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Damn you, fast and efficient BCH!
(TBH, just mempool so not usable as$)
If Physicists explained Physics the way Libertarians explain the NAP, you'd need to know Hermitian and Householder matrices before you could even join the conversation. Ironic, since most toddlers understand the NAP.
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LOL don't even get started. I assume you know this site. New news of the Violence of the Police Occupation every. Single. Day.
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> gets moved back to a known address
"spent", in the Common Tongue