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"If man chooses oblivion, he can go right on leaving his fate to his political leaders. If he chooses Utopia, he must initiate an enormous education program - immediately, if not sooner."
-R. Buckminster Fuller


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Announcing a 1.21 BTC Core prize purse to re-build reddit on-chain with Bitcoin Cash.
replied · 19d
Yes I do tend to write different programs when trying to create different outputs. But only because I am not the Ideal Programmer, whose minimal program creates all possible outputs
replied · 19d
Of course I often step away to get a drink, use the bathroom, exercise, shower, get high, take a walk, and suddenly have inspiration from On High... and poof! The problem is solved!
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I prefer my boss to have an ironic sense of humor
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replied · 20d
what % of txns are memo
what % of txns are swaps to other coins
what % might even plausibly be non-speculative actual economic activity
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· 20d
GOOG has a 53 qbit "quantum supremacy" machine. Breaking RSA 2048 will require ~20 *million* qbits
· 20d
Never once have I been overwhelmed with a complex programming problem, pushed myself away from my desk for a moment, and said:
"I'm going to have to pray on that for a bit."
· 23d
Hack idea: A group of conspirators change their names to very common ones. Get hired into as many companies as possible. Check for recycled permissions. How many former admins named John Smith left cruft somewhere?
replied · 65d
Cheese related?
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This lady is a hero and about to become rich. She needs to shut up and take my money -- I need ALL NEW CLOTHES
· 73d
And now all the images of Epstein shall flood the Internet, and it shall forever be obscure as to what exactly happened here.
#NealStephenson #Fall
· 76d
BTC moved to a new algorithm: Proof of Greater Fool.
· 75d
When you just hit send on that massive pull request and you know your code is freakin' *golden*
replied · 77d
commits are flying in fast & furious, I'm waiting for it to settle down and for some key APIs to be defined
replied · 77d
When Communists overthrew the Tsar in Russia and theocracy in China, they used the well of credulity and deference to authority that religion had instilled, and made the State into God
· 77d
"Back in that time, humans were so primitive that they still thought the Internet was a pretty neat idea."
replied · 78d
Did you say, "Atheist communism"? You are mistaken about history, sir. It is a common mistake.
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If Memo were built on an anonymous blockchain, this would be very do-able. An app layer on top of Monero is being actively build as we speak:
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