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Smart coin is our token that has a lot of possibilities for future growth. Join our discord at

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1179d · Bitcoin Cash
Kim Dotcom on Twitter: Imagine a world where governments have to ask citizens for money and must pitch the projects they want funding for.
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once we get on our first exchange all airdrops will drop to 1 to 15 at a time and became increasingly rare to they cease or drop below 1.
We will be launching an ICO fundraiser next month to raise funds for a successful launch, also will be releasing a smart assets erc20 token. the smart assets will essential be equity for smart coin.
1187d · Bitcoin Cash
Support content creators on YouTube who discuss Bitcoin Cash positively
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1188d · Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has more daily transactions than #Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Dash. #BCH is winning!
legal opinions fees are expensive but we need them.
hopefully within 3 weeks we will be ready to do a full launch and get our coin going on major exchanges
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Lets go!
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your good, we have to be realistic tho with where we are currently at and where we are headed so we can be realistic with the amount of effort it will take to reach our goals. ;)
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1193d · Bitcoin Cash
CZ from Binance agrees: Low fees attracts more users & projects
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Its ok you dont have to explain anything, you will always have doubters until your project succeeds or you become successful. I say let the finished product speak for itself :)
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getting the future coin going
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Calm_down_stupid 15kFCL
Its your choice, however ill point out that all coins that start out are called scams and shitcoins. even bitcoin was called a scam by a lot of people
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The integrity of the person behind the coin or stock determines whether the project will be successful or not there is a lot of work that goes in on projects for a coin to have success
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SmartCoinMarket is different from me perhaps you would like to join our discord.Our coin was just created on the tenth.
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