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Sure, that's exactly what we need. Every law enforcement agency in the world trying to declare Bitcoin illegal.
posted · 6 days ago
BTC mempool seems a little more full than usual today...
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· 8 days ago
Right. But what day-to-day usecases will The Average Joe have with such a database? What is its potential for BCH adoption?
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· 9 days ago
What else is BitDB capable of? Oyo isn't a Google-killer but it's definitely neat.
What's the long-term vision for a search like this? What incentive structures are there to encourage developers to contribute over just using Google?
Memo Challenge!
Memo just passed 3,800 users! Everyone makes 20 memo interactions per day that would be 76,000 #BCH Transactions daily! Make a post, comment on a post, like a post. Let’s make Memo Transaction Waves!
You incentivize people to take part in #DASH by paying them money which is taken from the miners. It would be voluntarily if the miners could choose how much tax they want to pay.
🤖 1 BCH = 514.99$ 📉 -1.82%
Tips = fuel️
posted · 9 days ago
Introducing - search the Bitcoin Cash blockchain for text -
Thank you @hunk_quark for your tip of 10,000 satoshis. The balance now is 0.05296845 BCH. We are collecting funds for the next stress day!
How do we know these funds wont just be spent elsewhere? 11.5 BCH is a lot of money.
But this is just a random first name..... there isn't a famous person who goes by just "Austin". /facepalm
posted · 30 days ago
Memo is the first dapp that has more users than investors.
No one here is invested in Memo by using Bitcoin Cash.
But you're using the name "hillaryclinton" who you clearly are not. You're not helping our image either.
posted · 32 days ago in memo
#memo now supports #hashtags!
BCH is a peer to peer electronic cash system.
BTC is not.
I don't think there are very many actual BTC people. Their meetups are all dying off. The Tokyo one has like 3 people that go, BCH has 25+ people weekly.
I'm from r/btc and I just joined today, how's it going?
Will test a bit again today. Hoping BCH will maintain a million tx's per day for an entire week.
Last few times i checked that visualizer had some bugs and wasn't accurate.
Checkmate /r/bitcoin!
I'd like to try to organize 10-20 of us Memo users to get a few "exposure" topics voted to the top of r/CC. The purpose would be to expose misinformation about Bitcoin Cash.