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YouTube iframe previews were slowing things down and sending oodles of tracking data back to Google HQ. I've replaced them with image previews. You might need to click twice to get videos to start on mobile.
· 15h
Wanna know why this space isn’t growing? Because it’s fucking toxic and starting to suck.....
David knife
· 14h
To anyone holding the pigeon poop airdrop coin you will be told where to go & to stand to wait on your airdrop. 😂😂😂🤣
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Unusual Uther
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I love the new features, the site is much more easily navigable now, and markup works beautifully!

Keep up the amazing work FreeTrade!
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Australian Cryptocurrency Expenditure at Retail Businesses - November 2019
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Topic list on Member -

Also time based top posts by day, week, month, year, all.
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Naval Ravikant and Joe Rogan on Decentralized Media
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Deutche Bank just made this forecast:

We wont know how accurate this is for another decade but I would be surprised if it was inaccurate.
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Memo and member should have a reblog option.
· 3d · CelticsWinAirDrop
celtics win! and I dropped 1,112,442 sats
· 4d
There is a big difference between raising the cost of running a node in a measured manner (BCH) & raising it without any consideration (BSV) & not raising it at all & hence never scale (BTC).

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random liker
Wish the dev owned
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Anybody else crack up every time they see this?

· 4d
Seems pretty relevant.. a short watch

HONK - by: Felix Colgrave

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call me at this email: [email protected]
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Don't forget, Vidteks/Nobody was the first to attack BCH tokens. Don't feel bad for him, he made the same accusations but couldn't take them himself -
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And here i was practically shilling your coins with memes not a day or two ago. What an asshole...
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· 5d
Our office is watching TX street.
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Now scale your loss up. The next bull run there will be thousands of dividend token scams worth millions of dollars. CCO and ADD were very cheap lessons.
· 5d
So I guess that’s cool... 5.75 mil thrown into the wind on that stupid CCO... all because of an immature little boy and a sad little ego.. whelp.. that blows...
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Was Vidteks the ADD guy? Would make sense. Gets exposed for ADD and then runs off with the CC funds too. Pure speculation