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So we're in agreement. Thank you. Silly me though: I just realized Ed is pro-BSV and you might be too. Carry on boys.
Ran out of characters. It's a currency based on the philosophy of Anarcho Capitalism (no dependence on a central entity)
In the year 2020 I will give you the same amount of Satoshis you give this post. Remind me in 2020 and I WILL give you back those Satoshis.
I wish the community could crowdfund you a proper education in economics, Ed. Your current understanding is so misled I'm surprised you found your way to BCH, an anarcho-cap system.
OP_RETURN wasn't part of Satoshi's original vision, they should delete it.
it doesn't
It certainly is without software optimization such as Graphene and CTOR.
Apple I, 1976. Blockchain industry is at the stage of history of computer industry.
That's the new Antminer yo
I am Jihan. Hello Memo!
I wonder the same thing every time I read your posts.
"Coingeek is trying to hype the SV price for their fake "scaling Bitcoin conference" this week. I'm fairly impressed with the amount of absolutely 100% false information they've been able to assemble into a grand
BSV suffers from mining centralisation. It requires you to trust Coingeek. Therefore BSV is the weakest form of Bitcoin.
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How Memo is handling the BCH fork:
It doesn't matter. They are two different entities now with different ticker symbols and different coins. I doubt either will add replay protection.
Calvin rented hash as well. Also SV is definitely not the original protocol. You've been fooled.
Yes because one guy owns it. That's the CSW chain. The guy creating money for the world with 400 patents purpose is just to sue everybody. That's why he will mine at 0 for years.
BSV won't survive. It's an attack coin, a killer chain. It was created to conquer an existing coin and as such didn't have any support from any legit exchange.
What services support SV besides money button and memo?
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In the case that Memo only supports one chain, which chain do you prefer?
BCH 59 votes · 12,352 satoshis
BSV 43 votes · 14,121 satoshis

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Get back to us when they have more proof of work and community support. Until then I'll keep using Bitcoin Cash.
Get back to us when they have more proof of work and community support. Until then I'll keep using Bitcoin Cash.
Badger wallet support, please! It would make deposits on memo much easier.
Memo is open and not censored. SV supporters, fiat supporters and also BTC supports have been having a voice in memo for months. There really isn't much of a reason to fork support.