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Voluntaryist, noob p5js programmer, supporter of the original bitcoin protocol.


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BitcoinXio censored Bitcoin ABC supporter Koush (Kptnkook), and then is suspended from Reddit for harassing him afterwards.


What ACTUALLY happened with David Shares:

tipped 5 SPICE_SV 380d
tipped 5 SPICE_SV 380d
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BCH: 577847-576148=1699 memo txs. num of tx📉11.0%, account for 4.3% of all BCH txs(39554)
BSV: 808461-808277=184 memo txs. num of txs📈119%, (174478)
BTC: (304515), BCH/BTC=13.0%
I had to restart my profile because i lost my password. Making necessary transitions now.
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Not sure when, but it's planned.
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I want to see more on-chain scaling and blocksize increases
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“In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore,
Bitcoin Cash Activist

Roger Ver in the chat during live stream
Bitcoin Cash Activist
bch just broke 4% of a btc
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Bitcoin Cash Activist
Hi guys, are u watching the markets? Strange things are happening. Such as btc is loosing more than BCH. Are we witnessing more strength in BCH?
one of the many reasons
Sean Ryno
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Theists are going to redefine "God" in order to "refute" this assertion. Theism is the big stupid. I wouldn't concern myself with it honestly.
496d · Memo Suggestions
This is just for kicks, but it does have its implications: memo.eth website, linked to memo.cash as memo.sv was, and of course, running on ETH. 😁😁😁
496d · Memo Suggestions
It would be very useful if memo would convert the bch address into a clickable link. Then on a mobile it automatically opens any wallet that understands that format.
496d · Memo Suggestions
<a href="bitcoincash:qqk0lre2qnlxdn52vj6grd5npg62lwacnq5nflx293">bitcoincash:qqk0lre2qnlxdn52vj6grd5npg62lwacnq5nflx293</a>
496d · Memo Suggestions
The address should be clickable like any browser hyperlink
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Burn down the whitehouse.
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Burn down the whitehouse.
497d · Memo Suggestions
put a little "copy to clipboard" button next to our SLP and BCH addresses in our memo.cash profiles.
497d · Memo Suggestions
#20B479 is a great color choice for the Bitcoin Cash brand. I think Memo.Cash should use it for the Header instead of the current green.
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Sean Ryno

Here's a guide, currently you have to use imgur