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A voluntaryist aspiring to change the world in whatever way possible


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I hope that someday i can live in a free society.
This is just for kicks, but it does have its implications: memo.eth website, linked to memo.cash as memo.sv was, and of course, running on ETH. 😁😁😁
It would be very useful if memo would convert the bch address into a clickable link. Then on a mobile it automatically opens any wallet that understands that format.
<a href="bitcoincash:qqk0lre2qnlxdn52vj6grd5npg62lwacnq5nflx293">bitcoincash:qqk0lre2qnlxdn52vj6grd5npg62lwacnq5nflx293</a>
The address should be clickable like any browser hyperlink
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Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee government is capitalism!
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US is pretty bad, not a bad comparison imo. Aoc is just closer to Hitler than trump
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If you're looking for more people to follow, I'm following quite a few figures in the BCH movement
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Burn down the whitehouse.
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Fuck yeah
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Burn down the whitehouse.
put a little "copy to clipboard" button next to our SLP and BCH addresses in our memo.cash profiles.
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#20B479 is a great color choice for the Bitcoin Cash brand. I think Memo.Cash should use it for the Header instead of the current green.
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Here's a guide, currently you have to use imgur
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I know they're working on accessibility for the topics though. You can offer suggestions under topic memo suggestions, and visit their github to see what they're doing.
So are there groups here? Just topics?
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Yeah, just topics. I've been asking for groups, but the developers have a long list of wishes to complete, and they're very active. We'll probably get private messaging first.
Can I post an image?
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Use imgur.
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Im curious who you are. Don't say if you are trying to remain anonymous. But id take a hint if i know you irl
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zyntrax, “Welp, YouTube has taken down my first video for hate speech even though it was just a compilation of MSM clips and snippets from the Capitol Hill hearing
on White Supremacy a few months back. Yes, simply compiling embarrassing MSM reels of Public Figures is now Hate Speech. Honk! Here is a link to my