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Introducing Preserve - a CLI tool for deploying HTML pages, static files and entire websites to the Bitcoin (SV) blockchain.
Just downloaded the Memo app. How do I sign in to my Memo SV account? Seems the default is still Memo BCH
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You can now upload images and other files up to 100kb using your Memo account -
933d · Bitcoin SV
Biggest blocks hit cap of 128MB. Time to upgrade Bitcoin blocks to 512MB? 🤔
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getting there
The first large memo:


How are you reading this article? How did it go from my laptop to your screen?
By the time you read this, I will have posted it on, tweeted the link out, and posted it in other various channels. As of the time of writing, The BCH Boys podcast has 750 Twitter followers. Some of those followers have thousands of followers, and others have less than 100. Every person who may come in contact with this piece is a “node” in a large social network. Looking at it this way, we could deduce that we have 750 links to 750 nodes. But do we? How many of those nodes are logged in at the time that we tweet the piece? How many of those nodes will scroll right past the tweet and not even notice it? How many will retweet it to their followers (more nodes), continuing the broadcast?
If our intention is to spread this article as far and wide as possible, the connections between people are more important than how many followers we have. When we tweet, only...
still cant post long message?
AMA with Hazel - Tech, the depression, and WWII

My 93-year-old Nan has been a feature on my channel for a couple of years now. She has been keeping up with bitcoin news for a few years
我们结婚啦,bibodeng&chrisyang 2018-12-28
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Anything But Craig is not a rational argument
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you are right
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Committed hash, stable protocol to build on, large block on chain, awesome dev support (think moneybutton and handcash)
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In the case that Memo only supports one chain, which chain do you prefer?


Bitcoin SV is the real Bitcoin. Come and fight for #SatoshiVision.
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In the case that Memo only supports one chain, which chain do you prefer?


Please only supports BSV
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In the case that Memo only supports one chain, which chain do you prefer?
BCH 59 votes · 12,352 satoshis
BSV 44 votes · 14,121 satoshis


Sk8eM dUb
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Spinning up dummy nodes is no different than having a bunch of socks "voting" on a forum. Ppl make fun of CSW for ridiculing PoSM but he's 100% correct. "The community" is a myth.
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there is a lot of community support in China afaik
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Agree. Best way to be, but I like CSW. He guided me against Segwit and LN. I’ve watched his interviews since 2014 and goals unchanged. Exact same speeches. Bitcoin needs a fighter
1080d · Bitcoin Cash
It’s not over yet. BitcoinSV miners have enough hashpower to rewrite the ABC chain all the while maintaining hashpower to protect BitcoinSV.
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Handcash description is just a copy paste of the centbee description
There is no reason for keeping a block limit, if you still think we need a limit you're no big blocker and don't believe in on-chain scaling.
1141d · NoForkNovember
Miner votes. There is no fork, only politics. Speak up or risk Bitcoin being hijack yet again.
1142d · NoForkNovember
No forks. Hashwars only
Sk8eM dUb
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I won't name any names but I really think the stress test revealed who the BCH team players are and who's in this game for short term profits only.