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Incase anyone is wondering, TxStreet is running BU and following the ABC chain right now.
32mb block just found! Saw all 32 buses leave on TxStreet :D
Just saw 165 tps!
Looking good!
created poll · 173d
I need your help again. Please look at this album and help me decide which option to go with for the new front end of TxStreet. After this I'm getting started.
Option 1 5 votes (5 unique) · 1,789 satoshis
Option 2 9 votes (8 unique) · 0 satoshis
Option 3 2 votes (2 unique) · 0 satoshis

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New backend is live on . No visual changes but now all data (except price) comes straight from my own dedicated full nodes. Probably will be buggy for a bit. Please test it!
created poll · 190d
Would you prefer a layout like this for TxStreet, as opposed to the current one?

I am going to be redoing the frontend once the new backend is done.
Yes! 4 votes · 8,323 satoshis
No, the current layout is better. 10 votes · 10,000 satoshis
I have another idea (leave comment) 0 votes · 0 satoshis

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Who is stress testing on Oct 1? That is too soon. Or are you just testing out txBlaster2 for a real stress test?
Or just show the last few characters of the address like they do on
BCH txs should now show fine on txstreet. Switched to new API, which will break some features, but also buy me time to build a new backend with a dedicated full node.
Problem is with the websocket. TxStreet will have it's own node next time.
Mempool now over 35mb.
All visualizers are broken. Good job! :P
TxStreet is back up now. Sorry, was kicked off of the bitcointicker API. Moved to which is much better! Thanks @cgcardona
Stress test tomorrow! If you're watching on txstreet, be sure to enable "Auto Scroll BCH". Also I'd recommend lowering the frame rate when the flood of txs come through.
· 245d · memo
Reddit is down. If only more people knew about memo.
New Update! Stresstest building, status bars, live lists, guide, new settings, autoscroll, notifications, donation effects, segwit luggage bus & more! Full post later on reddit.
Would you like the bus idle noise on TxStreet removed entirely? Getting ready to post an update, maybe tomorrow.
For identifying stress test txs, is there anything else besides the OP_RETURN code ""?
Does this chart not scare you?