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replied to post by TheWildCard
· 3 days ago
Thanks! Still a few small issues after blocks are found, but that is mostly due to the node. How is the stress test next week going to be bigger than this?!
32mb block just found! Saw all 32 buses leave on TxStreet :D
PreTest starting now :)

@esthon's got his finger on #SatoshisShotgun :)
livestreaming on @keyportTV

tune in:
and don't forget mempool2.ratelmoney
The bottom row is for services that have both BCH and BTC enabled. For example BCH and BTC ppl will come out of one building. So having a building on one side is confusing.
Awesome, I'll be watching :)
we weren't very loud for this little test,
there will be more action for the 10th pretest

We're organising a livestream for 17th,
the hosts will be mentioning txstreet :)
So... you might want to turn your volume way down if you have open. Donations are fun :)
Cool. I am watching the show on as well. Keep up the the great work!
Good so far. All of the transactions are being shown, but less people viewing TxStreet this time. After the new front end things will be smoother. For now set the frame rate lower.
replied to post by Tom
· 12 days ago
Now 425 tps! Seems like after each block a huge amount of new txs get broadcasted.
Just saw 165 tps!
Looking good!
created poll · 13 days ago
I need your help again. Please look at this album and help me decide which option to go with for the new front end of TxStreet. After this I'm getting started.
Option 1 5 votes (5 unique) · 1,789 satoshis
Option 2 9 votes (8 unique) · 0 satoshis
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replied to post by Tom
· 22 days ago
Txstreet test
replied to post by Tom
· 23 days ago
Haha, the Memo guy is hilarious 😂😂😂
did I hear time to party???

Getting my dancing shoes on, wait a sec...
replied to post by Tom
· 23 days ago
Whoops, wait. Bug report. I used an emoji and it doesn't display on your site when the Memo guy announces it. Need to unicode and UTF-8 that data.
replied to post by Rozjemca35
· 22 days ago
Yes, if it is easily trackable.
I love seeing my little memo guy come out of the memo house on hahaha it just never gets old :D
New backend is live on . No visual changes but now all data (except price) comes straight from my own dedicated full nodes. Probably will be buggy for a bit. Please test it!

Weekly Crypto Recap (Last week)
Sorry I forgot to post this sooner! Here is the recap from last week, covering binance, Yobit, Liquid, and other things
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· 23 days ago
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Curious about the Memo community. Do you know how to code?
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