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*citation needed*
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If it means that we can skip all taxes, then I'm in for that deal.
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There is no point in finding a place where you will feel good. It makes sense to learn how to create this "good" anywhere.
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There must be pauses in life. Such pauses, when nothing happens to you, when you just sit and look at the World, and the World looks at you.
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Avoid those who try to undermine your self-confidence. This trait is peculiar to small people. A great person, on the contrary, inspires you with the feeling that you can also become great.
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The greatest mental pain is caused by our own illusions.
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In this world, you can search for everything except love and death. They'll find you when the time comes.
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It's too late to go back to start everything right, but it's not too late to rush forward to finish it right.
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The key to victory is not in strength, but in brains.
Only a stupid person resorts to bruising.
Great is not the one who takes out his rage on his enemies,
And the one who can control himself.
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Good evening, dear friends and readers. Everyone has a good mood and positive mood .
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All women are charming, and the love of men gives them beauty.
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Tangerine Dream - Rubycon [Full Album]

#Music #Electronic #Ambient #Experimental #BerlinSchool
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Good evening dear friends and readers
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Only without loving — you can let go, only seeing death-learn to live, only having lost — we will begin to appreciate, only being late-we learn to hurry!
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Time is the way in which the universe checks our desires for truth. That's probably why we almost never get everything at once.
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The distance does not spoil anything. The age difference does not spoil anything. The opinion of parents does not spoil anything. People spoil everything. Themselves.
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Everything that is done is for the best. Therefore, the best is inevitable!
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From the stones that have fallen from the soul, a good road to happiness will turn out
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One breaks his plans to be free for you at any moment. And the other just lives his life and enters you into his free moments. Be able to see the difference...
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A dream written with a date becomes a goal.
The goal-broken down into steps becomes a plan.
A plan-backed up by actions, turns dreams into reality.
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If your children dies from vaccine, then at least he cant die from the virus.