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Sorry but anything that's titled "The truth about blablabla" starts with negative credibility in my book.
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If you're REALLY paying close attention, it's hard to be completely dystopian for humanity right now.
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And why would anyone trust your insane delirious paranoid bullshit ? Get a life dude.
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Bookmarked! Thank you 😀
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Go check behind your my little pony poster. That's where my gangstalking microphone is.
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it's not epic &you're not holding anyone a hostage, in fact the whole thread proves what kind of idiot u are. I would say you live in a fucking dungeon &think ur own drop is gold.
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You the one holding hostage, always wanting the last word and never admit your wrong. Desperately trying to debunk and discredit everything but only making a fool out of yourself 👽
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Can you explain why you think anyone would care about your bullshit ? Did you ever consider getting professional help ?
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As a hyper rational all understanding person you can surely find a great job that would pay for your posting and more, no ? Could it be that you're not as smart as you think 🤔 ?
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This question and your "answer" just show how powerful a blinder ideological prejudice is.
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You've been dead to me for a long time, no need for murder.
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IMO it's another Uther sockpuppet account.
SILENTSAM has been silent since the first. I'm gonna go ahead & call it that he's died of COVID.
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Fails to mention that renewable energy is inherently cheaper, and mining gravitates towards cheaper energy, thereby providing a baseline financing for renewable by absorbing peaks.
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