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Yeah, technically I love it. I just think it's functionally identical to XRP, and Ripple has a massive set of real government and corporate relationships that Cardano never will.
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Did you ever look into Cardano ? I haven't really, just read good things about it (which might be BS).
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New users to the site shouldn't be given a blind metaphorical check to the balance of the faucet wallet simply for signing up to the site. They should be invited, or pay themselves.
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So the problem seems to be the faucet, not the tipping ?
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Respectfully disagree. Reputation is user centric, so, adapted to your taste. Paywall and BCH barriers are systemwide. Maybe some people like spam 😉
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Ah good point, i did without realizing. But i never tip spammers and mute them proactively. It would be nice to have a reputation cutoff parameter that hides posts below it.
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I got that part, but don't likes send sats too ?
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Tipping satoshis only allows the scammers and the like to keep posting, and making new accounts to beg from. It must stop.
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Looks like the answer is contained in the question ;-)
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Sorry for being dense but can you expand a bit ?
Y'all know I am an XMR fan. But privacy coins will never be useful for storing non-txn data on-chain, and will never scale to the ~60k tps that credit card companies process.
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And look at the chaos in France, armed conflicts on the rise everywhere, and probable social explosion in the US around the election fraud story. Interesting times.
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There's a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction this winter solstice, has not happened since 1623 https://earthsky.org/astronomy-essentials/great-jupiter-saturn-conjunction-dec-21-2020
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Wow this is pretty mind blowing. Thanks for sharing. 🤯
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Those are cool. Here is the free lo-rez version of my favorite background. IMO it was worth the five(?) bucks for the hi-rez one.
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These people need systemic changes that we can never hope to give them ourselves, and if anything you are delaying their call to action.Their governments and economies have FAILED them
I'm going to sound like a complete asshole saying this, but the best way to help people in need is not funneling your own wealth to sustain an unsustainable system.
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Ok cool.
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I meant the one in my previous reply.