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"In a properly functioning democracy of one hundred citizens,
fifty-one can vote to deny the other forty-nine property, liberty, and even life."
J.B. Shurk: https://archive.fo/MewTE .
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Imagine, someone is actually trying to stop the army of this culture, by banning the sale of lego and faux gloves to them.
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Are you butthurt because I'm unimpressed by your so-called skills ? Respect is earned not claimed.
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How many did you post in this thread ?
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Thinking that one traceroute between 2 points is a proof for all links between Europe and Japan through Russia being cut proves your mad network engineering and logic skills, right.
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Doesn't look like very strong evidence of a coordinated policy decision, it's rather anecdotal evidence.
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You can stick your "yes or no questions" where the sun doesn't shine.
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So you don't understand the difference between asking for a source and "accusing of making up information" ?
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source ?
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Russia has stopped believing in the good faith of the west and is ready for a showdown.
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One guess: Covid lies are not working well, they need a manufactured crisis to take people's focus away from morally losing battles in Canada and a few other places.
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Your interpretation of data that fits your narrative, doesn't mean shit. Chance of death on sufficient vitamin D is close to 0. Do you know what 20 times 0 is?
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Something very unusual is happening. & it seems to be 'coming to a head'
It's effecting the spiritual world even more dramatically in my opinion
I know will be good soon though ;)
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Saw something very funny on Twitter, I'll paraphrase.

Q: What is it called when you criticize people who aren't vaxed & support mandates, then die of a vax-induced clot?

A: Instant Pharma