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Today at 2pm EDT/6pm UTC (an hour earlier!) Scott Cunningham comes on the Digital Cash Rundown! Watch live and join the live crypto superchat.
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Its okay if you dont want to believe me..i will try to buy new phone as soon as possible just to message you okay..i really need to return this phone..
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Okay, just calm down lol..
White men are people too
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It is easy to guess wrong about these things of course, but at this point I cannot believe that all we see is honest mistakes and the like. And the stuff in the "vaccines", nasty stuff
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I will delete this now..bye bye loveyou loveyou loveyou
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You can actually get paid to heat your home by mining crypto currency, and that crypto you mine will be worth a lot in a decade
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Great video, the BASS on his voice is too high though.
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4d · what the talking heads on tv say 🐓😝
4d · COVID-19
4d · Joseph P. Farrell & the Giza Death Star
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White men are people too
The story is simply bigger than the canvas of our imagination.
What they have been planning and rehearsing took years to prepare,
but each blunder reveals more idiocy in arrogance.
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Link? Thanks
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Of the nearly $30 billion that health companies now spend on medical marketing each year, around 68 percent (or about $20 billion) ~
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goes to persuading doctors and other medical professionals—not consumers—of the benefits of prescription drugs. That’s according to an in-depth analysis published in JAMA this week.
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…and now i am inadvertently picturing those two trying to convince a whole brood of gothlings. Thx
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add revenue for content creators
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Baron Harkonnen
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Anybody here from India?
4d is one of the smartest and most ridiculous ideas for making money. Just keep convincing the rich to keep buying and you could be set for life.