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Help to hasten the defeat of aging. Read Extreme Longevity by Michael Ten. #DefeatAging Read Ending Aging by Aubrey 🍀💯🖖

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Let’s defeat aging!!!!
Encourage young adults (and any adult that might want to study at a university) to study topics (like biomedical gerontology and regenerative medicine) so that they can help to hasten the defeat of aging. ⚕️🎶
A book about defeating aging.
Let's defeat aging.
Bezos-backed Altos Labs Exits Stealth with All-Star Team! What's Next?
We need to see aging defeated ASAP.
It is rather important that aging be defeated! Aging is our worst humanitarian crisis.
Encourage young adults to study biomedical gerontology and related fields so they can help to hasten the defeat of aging. How will you help to hasten the defeat of aging this month?
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My LONGEVITY Predictions 2022 (full list)
New Biotechnology that will Cure Aging by 2030
The Politics of Ending Aging
Dr. Aubrey de Grey on Nutrition
Who all wants to defeat aging?!
Please Support Scientific Research Related to Longevity and Life Extension
Defeat aging!
Human receives gene-edited pig heart transplant in medical milestone