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Help to hasten the defeat of aging. Read Extreme Longevity by Michael Ten. #DefeatAging Read Ending Aging by Aubrey 🍀💯🖖

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Aging is our worst humanitarian crisis. Read the book Ending Aging by Aubrey de Grey.
Crypto airdrop swells SENS coffers by $20m – and climbing
This audiocast discusses Vita DAO and defeating aging a bit.

DAO's and defeating aging....
Some of his books relate to defeating aging. Read books by Michael Ten.
Targeting cellular senescence is a potential $127B market
Defeating aging....
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On the bottom right for each post, there is a drop down menu - that has an option to redirect you to
Bitcoin cash animal rescue: Let's save the life of this little friend
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replied 17d is a real deal - monetizing URL content, Paypal API and now SLP token Payment. what is the next feature of this platform?
A short promo video I made to spur some conversations around an SLP reward system the Verde team has been working on.
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Liability of the products seems not up for discussion.
Creating "FOMO" through economic hardship on you? - Yes, that is ok.
Enter The Sphere on Twitter
Anyone spying on you and selling/using your data is probably trying too murder you.
Bank of America Establishes Cryptocurrency Research Team
Farmer Jones NOW - Current Events Worldwide - Life, Liberty and Fundamental Rights! "Well Now"
July 6th, 2021
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I think the site is going to need to stick around for quite some time - nearly everyone is logged in via that website - if it disappears, everything will come to
The Digital Cash Rundown goes live with Paul Puey TODAY at 3pm EDT/7pm UTC (a day early)! Watch live and join the live crypto superchat!
My favourite movie, Heat (1995). Must have watched it 30 times. Rented it so many times at the video club, that in the end they gave it for free to me.
Shibaswap Dex Captures 1.5 Billion Locked in 2 Days, SHIB Platform Bumps ETH Fees Higher