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Help to hasten the defeat of aging. Read Extreme Longevity by Michael Ten. #DefeatAging Read Ending Aging by Aubrey 🍀💯🖖


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Aging is tragic. Laugh at aging?!
Let's defeat aging maybe.
Michael Ten, who is trying to hasten the defeat of aging, is on Patreon.
We can defeat aging!?!?!?!
Do you like books?

Read the book Extreme Longevity by Michael Ten!
Grassroots efforts to defeat aging!!!!
Defeat aging!!!
Opensourcing BlockPress
After recent bans I can see Twitter insists on verification and maybe even KYC. Time to take our fair share of users now.
Era of africa SLP token project
8d · Texit
If #Texit triggers bad emotions within you Now may be time for your nap.
While you go to sleep remember to dream about mastering your own emotions.
Only you can decide how you feel. Yes #texit .

7d · tinfoil
8d · bitcoin cash
7d · SOUR
Join us Sat 1/16 @ 8:30 PM EST for the 🍋 World Series of SOUR - a buy-in poker tourney with 

0.10 BCH (10M sats) and 1000 SOUR to top places! 200K sats buy-in
8d · Great Reset
9d · bitcoin
BTC network seems to have rejected all transactions with the fee 1-2 Sat per Byte.

8d · Censorship
The Masks Were a Symbol of the Incoming Censorship This Whole Time.
Greetings friends. Live long and prosper, EVERYONE!
7d · Censorship
7d · 🌩️ ⚡ DEW 👽
8d · memo
BlockPress code has been open-sourced and will support memo protocol