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Help to hasten the defeat of aging. Read Extreme Longevity by Michael Ten. #DefeatAging Read Ending Aging by Aubrey 🍀💯🖖

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WR finish line,

🚜 30+03=33
🏍️ 29+09=38
🚴 18+04=22
🚀 18+10=28
🚗 24+02=26
⛵ 19+08=27
🎠 19+04=23
🐐 21+09=30
🤸 24+02=26
🏎️ 21+09=30

🏍️ Crosses the line first followed by 🚜.
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With 10 minutes before the race starts, starters so far are..

🚜 Usual Uther
🏍️ EasyBitcoin
🚴 Lugaxker
🚀 Georgengelmann
🚗 Bill
⛵ n00b
🎠 Infraspace
🐐 Urban Koistinen
🤸 Tragedy of the Commons
Bitcoin Cash $1000++++
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Important SLP 🍺 announcement.

We started with 1000 🍺, just a moment ago I tipped the last 2 of that original 1000🍺to the winner of the wacky racer event.

I said I'd give them all away and I did 😁
2d · bitcoin cash
"A purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash would allow online payments to be sent directly from one party to another without going through a financial institution."

- Satoshi Nakamoto
[BTC fees are high? Just wait.](
2d · Bitcoin Cash
Does BCH have an animal mascot? Doge has the doge, LTC was a chicken(?) DASH was a duck. Even Pirate chain has now adopted Lucy the dog. I know it's retarded, but memes == marketing
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The BTC mempool never rises above 90 MB, but transactions with low fees keep disappearing. Are they deleted from the mempool by the miners? Is this how the miners want to keep the mempool constant?
Did you know it costs 22 cents just to send Dogecoin right now? At a quarter of Bitcoin's transaction volume it's already starting to break down.
Create your own WebSite and monetize it using Bitcoin Cash and WordPress
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Forgive and don't forget perhaps
I've simply stopped referring to BCH as Bitcoin Cash, and now refer to it as Bitcoin.

This is because it's what it is, and because it pisses off BTC maxis (for luls)
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