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Whenever you're struggling with leaving your habits and lustful desires, just call on my name and I'll be there to help you. Enjoy the darkness!


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I cheated... Google translate
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so I guess it's a Dutch secretary of states that grants a citizen a pause in paying a tax and wants her to be thankful for that?
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Een nieuwe podcast van Vrijheidradio

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too much tokens?
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the most effective way to destroy an enemy completely is by becoming friends
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With a price like that for such a product, man, I'll buy that shit!
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David knife
but i donated a trillion Rothbard tokens to you. Spend it wisely
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I get this message when I do airdrop
"API Error in generating invoices from (the server is not responding). See "Output Addresses and Amounts" section for calcs. Try again for invoice generation."
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Don't understand a word you're saying but I guess it's about SLP and dividend
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Hoe keer je dividend uit aan SLP tokenhouders (Dutch language)
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