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People keep saying it, and i need to start doing it more.. so will be using memo and saying random things about Life the Universe and Everything.

Enjoy ;)
"The cry has come again brethen
Into the maw we go
Swords held high, shields held low
The cry has come again
To defend what we hold dear
Bring forth courage
Fight back fear
Into the maw we go
With Eternal Vigilance"
many unknowns, undecided at this point -- playing it by ear. :)
who's watching txstreet?
look at all the people :)
reply to me
as w/ a wasted question in the knights & knaves puzzles, this 'action' isn't indicative of the truthiness of the claims against him.

No usable info is yielded towards that quest.
someone repeatedly calls u a cult leader, a fraud, a fake (whether accurate or not), there are only few paths forward from there. one is to block them.
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· 49 days ago
Thank you. Let me know when it’s ready. I’m going much heavier on September 1st. I don’t mind txblaster taking a portion for the work done
Im assuming someone has to send the txns because i havent seen activity on txhighway yet from txblaster from 0.2BCH sent.
technical difficulties.. not yet ready for use.. spit tx were sent then thread crashed.. 0.2 lost into the splittx ether. on the house. (i'll tip it back to u)
We can’t loose @framore I think that name is cute and it makes me chuckle