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The idea that the state should control money is totalitarian. Change my mind. @BCH @BSV
1234d · Bitcoin SV
A coin being out of state control is not necessarily anti-state. The state can actually do things even if it doesn't control everything.
1313d · Music
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird
1322d · Music
#Anvil - Path to Nowhere
1329d · Capitalism
People who hate #capitalism often make up for their lack of data and argumentation with insults and four-letter words.
Are there any good debit cards for BCH?
#debit #card #BCH #Bitcoin
1331d · Music
Allegri - Miserere mei, Deus
1332d · pol/ - Politically Incorrect
All those news outlets are garbage. In fact almost everything on TV will rot your brain. I threw out my TV 6 months ago, it's great. Info and entertainment is free on the web.
1332d · Capitalism
The absence of challenges and the purpose of productive activity of A "Resource-Based Economy" where everyone is taken care of by computers will infantilize people and destroy their self-esteem.
1332d · Capitalism
"Resource-Based Economy" without trade and money will always suffer from not having a way to weigh people's desires against one another in order to distribute resources efficiently. #capitalism
1332d · Capitalism
A resource based #economy is basically #communism with #robots, right?
1333d · Favorite Quotes
"Optimism, pessimism, fuck that; we're going to make it happen. As God is my bloody witness, I'm hell-bent on making it work." - #Elon Musk
1333d · memo
#memo how about a "follow" button on the topics list?
1333d · Music
#wjsn #kpop #music #korea #girls #beauty #fuckyeah
1333d · memo
What is the thinking behind the character limit in #memo? Wouldn't the BCH cost keep posts short without this?
1334d · self defense
Why don't cops, soldiers and security guards carry swords as backup? It seems like an awesome weapon. It's reliable, quite intimidating and never runs out of ammo.
#self-defense #arms #safety
1334d · Capitalism
Rational self-interest. #capitalism #objectivism
If you enter a line break when posting on a topic, the result is not a line break but the #memo is sent instantly. This was a bit unexpected. Maybe change this behavior seeing as you cannot delete posts.
1334d · Capitalism
Rational self-interest. #capitalism #objectivism
Brainstorming ideas for #memo #video hosting support: How about if users could host videos and get paid for the bandwidth in #BCH?
Exchanges seem to be adding #KYC. #Hitbtc already has, #shapeshift will soon, I hear.
1346d · memo
What are the possibilities for adding image/video content directly to the blockchain rather than using 3rd party hosting? I guess you'd need really big blocks?
1354d ·
Eh... 0.15mb block on txstreet...
1354d · seems to be working now, sort of. Sent 1 of 4174 tx so far...
1354d ·
13.47MB block on