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BTC Core devs admit they are working for the State "we work with various central banks to develop distributed fiat currency, which will be good from an interoperability perspective"
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I mean, involuntary is part of stealing. if stealing were voluntary it would be a transaction.
replied 1314d
The conversation started with do people consent to taxes.
1314d · US Politics/Trump
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If it wasn’t for automation of work we would still live in the Stone Age. Remember the Luddites? Every luxury you enjoy today is the product of refined automation.
1326d · Bitcoin Cash
How and why bitcoin split into Bitcoin-BTC and Bitcoin-BCH
1328d · Memes
1418d · Mastercard
Honeybadger don't care.
replied 1330d
No, just an addition to the memo protocol.
replied 1331d
This is a limit in the size of OP_RETURN transaction outputs. Longer messages would require multiple transactions which we haven't added support for yet. Thanks for your question.
replied 1331d
That would be like saying anything that is not an Apple Iphone is a scam phone. And Iphone actually works unlike BTC. Pretty sad.
BTC Maximalism vs the Truth:
r/Bitcoin in a nutshell:
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Not like you LR, who has ever left his home town/state, I have visited several of those shit holes. You have no idea what is going on there
1332d · Capitalism
The only exceptions to this for starvation are places with communist governments. Communism often leads to starvation and poverty.
1332d · Capitalism
Look atChina,and Tiawan, and Bangladesh etc, to see how capitalism ends starvation, and increases the standard of living.
1332d · Capitalism
The thing isI can easily point to nations that succeed due to capitalism, and nations that fail due to communism. Can you do the equivalent to support your argument?
1332d · Capitalism
The only places starvation happen on a large scale are due to war, not scarcity. Most misperceptions about starvation in poor nations push people from those places off
1332d · Capitalism
Homelessness often isn't about not having access to a home. Often it is about social rejection due to mental health, or drug addiction issues.
1332d · Capitalism
Money is not even a capitalist invention. People have used a medium for exchange for thousands of years before capitalism.
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One more for fun 😜
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Please point.
#capitalism #communism
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