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The idea that the state should control money is totalitarian. Change my mind. @BCH @BSV
A coin being out of state control is not necessarily anti-state. The state can actually do things even if it doesn't control everything.
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird
#Anvil - Path to Nowhere
People who hate #capitalism often make up for their lack of data and argumentation with insults and four-letter words.
Are there any good debit cards for BCH?
#debit #card #BCH #Bitcoin
Allegri - Miserere mei, Deus
All those news outlets are garbage. In fact almost everything on TV will rot your brain. I threw out my TV 6 months ago, it's great. Info and entertainment is free on the web.
The absence of challenges and the purpose of productive activity of A "Resource-Based Economy" where everyone is taken care of by computers will infantilize people and destroy their self-esteem.
"Resource-Based Economy" without trade and money will always suffer from not having a way to weigh people's desires against one another in order to distribute resources efficiently. #capitalism
A resource based #economy is basically #communism with #robots, right?
"Optimism, pessimism, fuck that; we're going to make it happen. As God is my bloody witness, I'm hell-bent on making it work." - #Elon Musk
#memo how about a "follow" button on the topics list?
#wjsn #kpop #music #korea #girls #beauty #fuckyeah
What is the thinking behind the character limit in #memo? Wouldn't the BCH cost keep posts short without this?
Why don't cops, soldiers and security guards carry swords as backup? It seems like an awesome weapon. It's reliable, quite intimidating and never runs out of ammo.
#self-defense #arms #safety
Rational self-interest. #capitalism #objectivism
If you enter a line break when posting on a topic, the result is not a line break but the #memo is sent instantly. This was a bit unexpected. Maybe change this behavior seeing as you cannot delete posts.
Rational self-interest. #capitalism #objectivism
Brainstorming ideas for #memo #video hosting support: How about if users could host videos and get paid for the bandwidth in #BCH?
Exchanges seem to be adding #KYC. #Hitbtc already has, #shapeshift will soon, I hear.
What are the possibilities for adding image/video content directly to the blockchain rather than using 3rd party hosting? I guess you'd need really big blocks?
Eh... 0.15mb block on txstreet... seems to be working now, sort of. Sent 1 of 4174 tx so far...
13.47MB block on