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The idea that the state should control money is totalitarian. Change my mind. @BCH @BSV
Pham Nuwen
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A coin being out of state control is not necessarily anti-state. The state can actually do things even if it doesn't control everything.
I benefit from maybe 10% of the activities that my taxes fund. So I'm only obligated to pay those 10%? How about compensation for the 90% of tax activities that make my life worse?
Pham Nuwen
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· 126 days ago
Researching other energy sources is fine, but keeping them alive artificially after proven inefficient is wasteful. Of course people are free to waste their own money if they like.
YouTube is out. Time for bed I guess.
Lol. People get jailed for tax evasion today, and in the past even executed. Your point is void. Read the articles.
Nuclear is superior in all rational aspects (for use on Earth). Only in the irrational (unscientific regulation) can other sources be more efficient.
You really can't figure out where this link goes?
Obviously a doctor is the person doing the evaluation. Obviously they use "symptoms". I bet violent crime can be seen as a symptom.
"department of the UK Government responsible for the collection of taxes"
This guy was executed for tax evasion:
"Convicted for tax evasion, he was sentenced in November 1990 to nine months in jail."
Energy diversity is not a feature intrinsically. Cheap, dispatchable, reliable, scalable energy enables maximum flexibility. In the real world this means nuclear fission.
"A failure to pay, along with evasion of or resistance to taxation, is punishable by law."
"HMRC criminal investigation officers have wide-ranging powers of arrest, entry, search and detention."
You're just repeating the classification. I'm asking how do you tell the difference? People don't have labels on them displaying their mental classification.
So evil vs insane? How do you tell the difference between a person doing evil deeds because he is evil and a person doing evil deeds because he is insane?
What is your opinion? What should be the consequences for not paying taxes?
Well, if taxes are voluntary, they're not really taxes, are they? I suspect there are state-enforced consequences though, like being barred from starting a company.
If there are no consequences for not paying then it seems the concept of taxation loses its meaning.
Is there a major difference between having something seriously wrong with you (mentally or behaviorally) and being insane?
Would you agree that there is something seriously wrong with a person that commits random acts of violence?
If you don't pay the extortion fee, your property will be taken away, whether it's the money in your bank acct or your real estate. I consider Earth my taxable area.
So your assumption that criminals won't be shunned in society is based on their crimes remaining unknown? So if they are known, they would be shunned?