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I keep seeing various people in /r/btc keep saying "Why keep posting about how Blockstream took over BTC? We get it."

Because if people stop posting it, then people forget.
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hello famous bgash dev p-o-k-k-s-t
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Hi everyone :^)
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And thank you!
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I only added support for Spice for now since it was the only one requested. I don't want to have ALL accepted since someone might send 1000 FAG tokens and get the streamer banned orw/e
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Just realized the typo.

Happy* to announce lmao
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Thank you! :)
· 30d
I'm having to announce https://tipbitcoin.cash now supports spice token SLP tipping!

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It's also funny how according to BTCers, EVERY wallet is shit at fee estimation. Then they link to bitcoinfees.earn.com, even though a lot of wallets use their API lmao
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Nah, the tips always go to the streamer, regardless if it shows up on stream or not.
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There was a super, super annoying bug where some amount tips didn't display on stream and weren't recorded in https://tipbitcoin.cash/history. Luckily it is fixed now. :)
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(...) the switch to BCH because I couldn't deal with the BTC's hypocritical behavior, celebrating negative adoption, etc.
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(...) ignored it for a while after that, and kept developing for BTC. Then I took a break from twitter and came back using a new username. Then in March of 2019 is when I made (...)
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(...) the fire that burned long enough over the next several months to switch to BCH. I lost followers, was tweeted by MrHodl that I was hurting Bitcoin adoption, etc.

I kinda (...)
· 31d
Back when I worked on BTC stuff, I ported one of my privacy apps to BCH (BCHgallery), because everyone deserves privacy.

I was shunned by a small portion of the community, even then. That moment kinda ignited (...)
· 31d
Bitcoin Core developer angry because of a feature the Bitcoin Core team added in

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I sent all the JOLLYROGER / JOLLYROGERCASH he sent me to 1BitcoinEaterAddressDontSendf59kuE . Easy in Memo :-)
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Jim is really acting mentally ill recently, everyone should ignore him or report his accounts on SM. It's just the last death rattle from the SV camp before they fade into obscurity