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2d · 40 Rock
Sad Reality of Today's World.
Please Plant Tree,Plant Hope.

Success in crypto projects isn't based on hype. It's based on if you can make it to still be around when the Dogecoin storm has passed.
2d · Pizzagate
5d · tinfoil
4d · tinfoil
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Hopefully we can reinvent reality, better.
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Anarcho-totalitarianism: The regime monitors and controls your every action to make sure you are 100% free. If you are ever coerced, you will be forcibly uncoerced.
Anarcho-[something]: Insert word to create new anarchist ideology. Describe ideology in 184 characters or less.
If our governments fall the people at the top still will benefit the most, they've already failed. The conversation is how & what are you doing to benefit from the controlled chaos. It's hypnotizing to me.
6d · Jeffrey Epstein
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It was never about you, your children, or the health of others. It was about which way the elite will look better when ,,handling the crisis'' after snorting their daily load of heroin
9d · test
Orb Thing.
16d · covid-19
16d · tinfoil
16d · Clownworld
Sometimes I wonder who the fuck would buy cripplecoin especially at these prices...then I get a call from a friend wanting to fomo into btc or some pre-issued POS scamcoin ASAP.

Never underestimate human retardation.
Sold my GPU 3x more than I bought it for.

Clearly and undeniably, RTX gpus are excellent store of value and it's the future of money.

Bonus: it's cheaper than BTC for transactions.
20d · Beautiful and Sexy!
I've simply stopped referring to BCH as Bitcoin Cash, and now refer to it as Bitcoin.

This is because it's what it is, and because it pisses off BTC maxis (for luls)
21d · covid-19
21d · covid-19
Will you help me to titrate down?

That is a question to potentially ask a psychiatric prescriber.
23d · 👌👌👌 CULTure
23d · tinfoil