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Never in our lives will a president have so little support from the people or either political party. The Executive branch will be fully humiliated as it should be. Lets Go Nikki!
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I'm thinking Donald will get pulled from the race on legal bs reasons and then Nikki will win against Biden. AND I think this is a good thing.
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Call me a conspiracy theorist but I actually think the democratic party is planning on not pulling out Joe Biden and just running him through the campaign until the wheels fall off.
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I've been waiting for someone to accurately convey the idea of anarchism to Jordan since his first appearance and I've been hoping it would be Michael since he first befriended Mikayla
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And I think it might have been a really good thing, helping jumpstart civilization not to mention an astonishing accomplishment.
Im becoming convinced that not only Christianity but also protoChristian "Judaism" or ancient Israel was a giant religious psyop perpetrated on humanity by a secret society of philosophers going back to at least Plato
I recommend checking out 'The Hungry Wolf' by X, the strong opener off their third album "Under the Big Black Sun"
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