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Has something to do with their holograms malfunctioning.
For some reason demons do not like too be filmed in public.
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What a raving lunatic
Vaccine zombie attacks anti-vaxxer !

Anti-Vaxxer VS Woke NPC - Oblivion NPC Battle
299 viewsJul 28, 2021
Anti-Vaxxer rights are minority rights
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Life Hack: If anyone tries to hold you accountable for your bullshit, just call them "bitter" and then you can feel satisfied that you're in the right and never have to make amends.
Imagine your favorite restaurant won't open because the workers are suing, but you have to keep paying them or the cops will throw you in jail.
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That guy has a good soul
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Armed guards shooting on the crowd for the win! This is what happens if you don't shoot looters on sight. I predict this will be the state of U.S. cities within 5 years.
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Why does she have a mask on around her mouth? It feels like she wants the muffled voice in a microphone aesthetic. Very weird.
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What does equality mean to you? In some ways we are equal before God, but God has also seen fit to make us very unequal. What is good about the concept of equality that we should keep?

Promoting "Equality" was a mistake. Now every retarded ingrate thinks they deserve a yacht just because rich people have them. You aren't owed shit.
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One thing that has helped me overcome procrastination is setting clear deadlines. Procrastination easily occurs without an actual plan, and that includes a timeframe. #MondayMemo
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That's funny
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The funny part is, they said they would deliver the gold to your home & asked "Can bitcoin do that?" They seem to be unaware that you can indeed receive bitcoin instantly at your home.
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Every move seems perfectly tuned to separate out and identify thinking people.
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This is NPC behavior. This is Hylic behavior. As far as I can tell, all of this covid theatrics and hysterics has been some sort of sorting process.
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They move on to another subject not wanting to address this obvious contradiction in their expressed values.
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When I point out that if that was true they could have just waited for someone to actually force them they seem to just check out.
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I know two people now who have gotten the injection even though they "didn't want to". So I ask them why, and they say it's because "well they're eventually going to force me"