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7d · covid-19
replied 8d
Depends on the situation If you're talking about the Covid-19 spike protein therapy no, it's much better to offer a tiny little bit of resistance to government tyranny by not complying
replied 8d
Really weird that I haven't seen this if it's been out since May. I like to see these videos.
8d · UFO
The comments are gold:

"Dang swamp gas getting sneakier every day"

"The more we get into the future, the lower quality these videos seem to get"

replied 9d
A fear I have with this strategy is that maybe the targeted person, upon becoming comfortable, is now "fat and lazy". What is the point of thinking if I'm already comfortable?
replied 9d
Interesting! Maybe the strategy should be to comfort people, ease their fears and doubts, once that's accomplished they'll be willing to think. Maslow's hierarchy of needs if you will.
replied 9d
But once they feel good they can think about whatever they want.
9d · ELON MUSK 🏴‍☠️
replied 9d
Honestly most things should be boycotted, in this scenario what we need is a list of endorsed products and services that aren't horrible.
replied 9d
What do we do with this information?
People don't want to think they just want to feel good.
Colin Powell, who lied to help GWB go to Iraq, then tried to save face by moving left, got fully vaccinated against COVID-19 then died of COVID-19 at age of 84. His condition would've been worse if he'd been unvaxed.
People have an interesting ability to ignore reality in the pursuit of community.
16d · COVID-19
16d · COVID-19
Shit's funny:

18d · Conspiracy
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If BCH community decides to pursue 1minute blocks i’ll…
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Drink lots of water?! Breathe deeply?! Stretch gently?!