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2018 is going to be fantastic


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New issuance, time-based destruction, etc. is possible
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CC's are more advanced than it might look at first sight. The protocol outlines some use cases: https://github.com/Colored-Coins/Colored-Coins-Protocol-Specification/wiki/Rules
I'm very excited to see colored coins on the BCH network. The possibilities are endless.
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Good to see you here @zquestz
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England plays well when under pressure and when in underdog position. This game is no pressure for them and they underestimate the enemy. It's a risk to bet 2 goals difference.
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For those wondering what Dust is: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/bitcoin-dust.asp
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nooo.. Serbia should win!
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Solitude is offering his time in exchange for this service. The gains he might make do not reflect the time effort put in by him.
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Honestly, if you think you can do better for these micro bets, go for it Fnuller15. This is decentralized indie-betting, no rules apply.
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you voted 1M costa rica, right? I voted opposite 1M. May the best team win :D
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It is most likely a dust problem