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Happy hour @ the token market
🍻🍺🥃 token for sale for 1 satoshi per 🍻🍺🥃
check out mt 🍻🍺🥃 token in honor of the Tiroler beer culture that I'm enjoying right now > Token in menu above to do your bid

listed 5,000 🍻🍺🥃 for sale for 5,000 satoshis · 2h

listed 85,379 🍻🍺🥃 for sale for 85,379 satoshis · 2h

listed 98,765 🍻🍺🥃 for sale for 98,765 satoshis · 2h

listed 12,345 🍻🍺🥃 for sale for 12,345 satoshis · 2h

listed 10,000 🍻🍺🥃 for sale for 10,000 satoshis · 2h

created token 🍻🍺🥃 · 2h
created token 🍻🍺🥃 · 2h
replied · 4h
replied · 5h
yes I have that new icon too
valt er nog iets positiefs te zeggen over Facebookcoin Libra?
replied · 12h
I am, trying to set up my cryptocandy machine to use tokens
Thanks Donny, 1776 satoshi will buy me some fun time at the local dealer
replied · 14h
how do you know it was the real RogerVer and not a fake account? I had someone in FB chat to get me into a 401
today is going to be ☀️☀️☀️ and I be like 😎🤘 and 🍻🍻🍻🍷🍷🍷😜😜😝😜😝
today was ☀️🍻🍷😜
replied · 22h
Just created my own stablecoin 666 (it can only be sold for 666 satoshi)
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yes I have android
· 1d
I am very #sick of seeing all these "Libra" posts all over the #web.
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i still got orange bch logo. what did you do?
The new Badger Wallet icon is Slick AF.
I love this wordpress pluggin Cash Tippr. Are there more BCH related WP pluggins (coming)
Is this of interest to you? What are your thoughts? Interested in feedback from the BCH community.