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Ha! So it was you! It is awsome, the only thing, they could add message in transaction what token divident it is & who sends it. Anyway I see my fingers crossed payed off 😆
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Haha you nailed it! 😂
listed 20,000 HONK for 8,000 satoshis (0.4 each) · 2d

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Upvoted with pleasure of listening the song from the thread. Man this is awesome, you are the first bitcoin cash musician!
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Thanks mate, but don't worry, know how to deal with this, just saying there are situations which can spoil your day despite strong attitude
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Yeah, recently, I had promised to myself that when I come back to work after holidays I will not get angry. First thing what I learned?My boss who promised me salary increase quit job.
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The btc price went +150% in last half of year. So anyone who complains about no adoption plan or development stagnation is treated as eternal malcontent detached from 'happy' realty.
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Now they are just dancing like a crazy, singing 'I told you so', because the price went up. No long term plan...
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I was about to complain badger can't import wif key but requires 24 words,so tokens on memo are stuck.Figured out I'm brainwashed by btc,I can send tokens to new wallet almost for free
Ok how about this... Any tips sent to me... For the next 48 hours.. Will be divided to those who have Vidteks spirits token on Saturday ???????? Message me for tokens :)
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Just enough to use such address to post on memo.
See topic 'Baby Badger (BAB) Faucet', user btcfork does a airdrop of token.
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1$ not much but perfect to apply for Baby badger token ;)
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Yes! & now, we are in similar point in time - Crypto & Decentralized autonomous organization revolution has started & we believe that those who care would get means to change the state
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Formerly, when Internet was young, I heard that we all going to live in global village,therefore any local war, injustice or violation won't happen as it is not possible to conceal it.
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Yes & no.You can post second version.Or ask memo to extended protocol,add new code & allow author to patch his memo,the Ui will show then message as edited and add link to orginal also
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I was hoping for Hibuddha and his MIS token
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Yes, it does 2 things:
1)Figures out holders of certain token and their percentage shares of total token amount
2)Calculates proportional bch amount per token holder
For now 2) is BCH
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Fingers crossed, make something cool 🤪 and geeky 🤓
I will move to Chile for working and helping my family, build a future for my son and having a better life, my salary is 30$ a month who can live well with that? no one, I will appreciate any help