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Pledged BCH for Electron Cash and Mark Lundeberg
Announcing Aggregate BLS Signatures on DeVault (DVT) - Public Testnet August 15th! Join us this Saturday!
BitcoincashJ Flipstarter is over 91% funded!
Just 5.41 BCH to go!!
voted BCH eco-system with NO IFP with possibly BCHN being the new ref. node implemenation 1145d
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Dear Memo users. What outcome do you prefer regarding BCH fork in Nov. 2020?
BCH eco-system with NO IFP with possibly BCHN being the new ref. node implemenation 18 votes · 18,157 satoshis
ABC consolidate control + IFP activated on BCH 1 votes · 10,000 satoshis
Will follow the BCH chain regardless of what rules win. 4 votes · 0 satoshis


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1261d · member is supporting the BCHD flipstarter fundraiser. A solid BCHD is key to full decentralization
thanks everyone. I am 30 now
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I thought BCHD didn't include mining? Same with Verde but they're working towards it... or am I wrong here? I honestly don't know much about Flowee...
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Peter Rizun explains why we need multiple competing BCH node implementations -
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CORRECTION: It does look like the IFP will NOT fly (good riddance).
Fake Caption This:

Looks like a good addition for ABC Bootlicker Club, ready to become another paid disinformation blogger on Read Cash and Reddit Shill.
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I agree. I am not a Bernie Fan. Neither Dems or the Republicans are the same. I prefer Bloomberg and I wouldn't have minded John Kasich either.
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I'm fully aware of the Bernie/AOC "policies" that would literally destroy the economy. My parents are approaching 65, I would love for them to have anything left in their 401k please.
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We've never had a communist president lol. Bloomberg would probably be great for the markets honestly... Democrats today and democrats yesterday are not even close to the same though.
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I don't think an 80% drop is possible for the stock market... Would literally be the end of society as we know it if so... Maybe if Bernie is elected we'll see a drop over 50% ...
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Really? Look at both charts right now lol
Started using Member instead of memo. It's much better. Though I miss the token functionality
A demo and code walk-through for a REST API I created in #JavaScript to manage coins between a #CashShuffle and #CashFusion wallet. It generates large, anonymous #BitcoinCash UTXOs.

Nice moon today...

2019 will be remembered as: Silence of the Lambos.
sent 5,000,000 PRO to
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lol. You're an idiot and lost connection to reality.
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I haven't seen you ever criticizing tesla. In reality, you would cackle like a 4 year old who gets a new toy if musk pissed down your throat.We know you Sam, don't even try to deny it.
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I find it hilarious how vehemently the retarded tesla zealots like our SilentSam defend this piece of garbage.