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Didn't you just get a mortgage on a house
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Kill yourself asshole
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Like they think I am making money off of the stuff they make or whatever. And It's like nooo, I am just sharing your video because I liked it.
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Some people are real gay, they delete videos just because I post them here, I think some creators get upset when they see their content on this site.~
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Naruto OST - Enma Theme
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Dr. Uther 1MBFpC 12 Free Alternatives to Windows Operating Systems
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Dr. Uther 1MBFpC
And yeah, I am going to go on youtube and tell people who the spies are in the comment section because you people will not leave me alone.
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Russia should stop being stupid dumb bitches and launch the Nukes already, Putin and Lavrov are both cowards that are worthless.
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Kill yourself you stupid dumb bitch, you are a spy, a sinner, an atheist, not American, you live in Europe, and you are a leftist that likes to pretend it's impossible to spy on people
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Naomi and Edward are both idiots that spy on people.
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This stupid idiot spies on peoples browsing history also.
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Joel = dumb piece of shit that spies on peoples browsing history.
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Giggles loves thinking about dicks, it's all she does.
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Yeah you are morally superior because you bully an addict, good job you piece of shit, once again you are displaying your true colors.
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Their she is thinking about dicks now lol.
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This idiot is another fuck face faggot that spies on people here, she can't stop thinking about butt sex lol. She is the blue haired tumbleweed, she is a leftist in disguise.
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Joel is a fucking loser that spies on people, he is a hypocritical freak, never tips anyone here, is friends with the other losers here that spy on people and a Massive piece of trash.
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804d · tartar
Tartar seems to be russian disinformation, this bitcoin national is also pro russian.
Naomi Brockwell is another stupid dumb bitch that spies on people here.
Gigglestick is a dumbass bitch that spies on you.
Dutch Rebel is a fucking piece of shit loser
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Do not use the fuckin stupid website, the dumbass gangstalking spies here use that to spy on people, it just makes it easier for them. And Joel and his friends are all losers
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Stealing the gifs I make lol