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Heres mine. Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas Uther! Stay awesome, cool and blessed! 🥰

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How are you Uther?
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Hi everyone!! Its been what, months lol since my last posts. Too many tragedies that I went through but still here I am, breathing ang kickin. Soo... Whats up everyone! Miss you all 🥰🥰
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Its been what? Months since I last posted here. lockdown is real. Whats up? I missed you Memo friends! ❤️❤️
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Should people wear masks in public?
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*Can you help me too?

Typo sorry. Please notice me sir. 🙏 God bless
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Hello Uther. Can you hell me too. I dont have any food in my fridge thats why I need to turned it off. Only few crackers left. Please help me 🙏🙏
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Happy birthday to me! 🥰🙏🥳
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For me its no. Home made food is very deliciousssss and rather than that we dont have microwave hehe
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Im feeling positive. Cas its my birthday tomorrow! ♥️♥️🙏
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Do you eat micrawavable meals sometimes?
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Im the chicken and here is my egg. My look alike.
I can't remember who needed chicken food, send me a picture of your chickens if you want bird feed for them.
My birthday is on 23. I want to cook spaghetti but how? ☹️
replied 393d
My chicken and her kids.
replied 393d
My chickens and her kids. 😂
replied 401d
Hahaha No! Why 😂
replied 402d
Yup. Cas lockdown here is extended until 30th not sure if it will uplifted
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replied 402d
Crisis. I know I can get through this. God is with me. Its just u know, hayy
replied 402d
Wow! Thats very cool! 🤩