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325d · us politics/trump
Please no one tell Trump memo/member exist. If there is one idiot I don't want anywhere near BCH it's him.
533d · bitcoin cash
BTC is a scam.
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please advise. very important. very hungry
514d · Cheeseburgers
How to get Cheeseburger?
516d · memo
Yesterday, there were
13850 txs on BCH chain, 339106 txs on BTC. BCH dominance=BCH/BTC=4.1%
924550-922959=1591 memo txs, 📈20.4% (compared w/ prev 1321), acount for 11.5% of all BCH tx
I was talking to my friend, and we both think we have already been infected with the CCP Bio-Weapon.
We both described the same symptoms too each other, it was kinda weird.

Happy 4th of July.
517d · donald trump rapes and murders children
Member.cash will, from this day forward, be banning this topic. Nah. Only kidding. Carry on, lunatics.
the price of ETH is higher than that of BCH
My husband chicken.

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would be outraged. What a blunder by Twitter management.
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Trump has given Twitter more free publicity than probably anyone, and now they're censoring him? Is Twitter in business to make money, or influence politics? If I were a shareholder I
White men are people too
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My understanding is that you have two sets of laws for content providers, in one set you control content and you are legally responsible for it, in the other you keep "hands off".
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Like you got room to talk lol, I've always liked you because you troll the fuck out of people. I think you're just jealous because Trump is king troll.... lol